I been reading a lot of blogs on here about death and The afterlife so it's been on my mind awhile.
I would love to live forever but the more I think about it the more I just don't see how it's possible.
The thought of non existence scares the crap out me to think about but I been reading one blog that stated the best way to overcome a fear is to face it.
So, I am going to write about it and As always when I write I for some reason learn more and really think about it. So that's facing it.

The human body
When you think about the body and What we know about it..We use it in our senses-sight, taste, touch, hearing and speech, To move, We use our brains to control our body, think, feel, and Everything having to do with this world depends on your brain and body. At Death it's in a grave so...How are you going to do anything with out it?

The brain has your memories, thoughts, feelings, and It controls the body without it you couldn't do anything. Well, This is where the spirit comes in the religious people would say it supposedly can move and think. Yet, For some reason never takes over when someones leg is amputated, Never does the thinking for someone on the last stage of Alzheimer's disease and No, medical books tell where this spirit is and Doctors doing surgery on body take stuff out all the time you name it's been took out of someone at some point...Never do doctors get warned don't remove the spirit!

Also, We have another problem..Your identity is defined by the body whether you like it or not.
If we met each other and You saw me walking down the street how would you know it's me?
You'd remember what I look like right? Well, the spirit leaves the body so how would you know me or I know you? How would your family, friends or Even your own mother know you?
I don't see how we'd know each other anyway we wouldn't have the brain that stored the memories of the first time we met each other.
Sort of a sad way to live when you think about it...I bet you got some good memories you wouldn't want to leave behind. We got more problems than that tho.

The Afterlife

One problem is winch afterlife is the right one? You got as much different ideas about n afterlife as you do about a god. Let's see Christianity has got heaven and hell, Hinduism has reincarnation and I could go on and on. Plus, What if you picked the wrong religion and Ended up in a place of torment a lot of religions got those for non believers.

Also. There has been a lot of people that have died since the beginning of life on Earth..Hey wait, Do plants and Animals go too? This afterlife would have to keep growing larger and Larger to hold all them spirits. This place has got to be bigger than all nine planets of the solar system put together by now...Yet we can't find something this big any where....Where is the afterlife anyway? Some say the sky..I'm surprised once the airplane was invented that idea didn't die I mean come on if that were true we could go up in a hot air balloon and Talk to spirits.

Problem with different after lives

heaven and hell

I have heard all my life heaven is in the sky and Hell is underground..Sorry but no, Because people in airplanes would see heaven and People drilling for oil would see hell.
Also, You don't see angels flying around up there and Yes, I know peoples claimed to have seen them but I was told once don't believe everything you hear and See for yourself so, that's the way I do things.

At what point do we enter the womb to be reborn? I one time had a question pop in my head I asked my mom who is a nurse..If the sperm is in the male and The eggs in the female where was I before they came together. She said, "You did not exist".
So...What actually is the spirit doing...Is it hovering over the people it wants to be born into trying to get them to have sex? Or Does God know the people are gonna have sex?
Also, We got the problem of the huge afterlife that's holding all the spirits waiting for the parents they chose to have them and More coming in cause everyday somebody dies probably.
Also does the spirit ever wear out? Everything else you use over and over does?


I may have this idea totally wrong cause I haven't really researched it So correct me if I am.
The idea is the world starts all over when it ends like playing a tape to the end and playing it again.
I guess this means I was once in this chair writing this blog before this? So, does that mean some scientist might find a skeleton of me somewhere? Maybe a prehistoric me and Show it on tv? Man that would be just freaky!
I got another problem lets say if they haven't done this already...Lets say they put a date on when all life began..Now lets use the Tyrannosaurus who wikipedia says existed 65million years ago..Wouldn't be find bones that were older than that if the T Rex was around before that time?
It might be possible when the world ends all the bones are destroyed to the point you couldn't find them I guess I don't know.

You didn't exist before sex

Going back to the question I asked "where was I if the sperm is in the male and Egg is in the female? and The answer I didn't exist.
It's pretty hard to imagine not existing but If you think about it you didn't exist at a certain time.
This is the year 2009 so where were you in the year 1009? You didn't exist, No one you know existed and No one you see today existed. I doubt many things you've seen existed that far back.
Some people who say they can remember past lives might say they know where they were.
Maybe your right or wrong who knows...I never could..I was once asked by an Atheist when discussing death Do you remember what it was like before you was born? Still stuck on that one.

So..Is there an afterlife? Well, We got the same problems with God to many questions,answers and they all contradict each other. If you get a billion different answers to one question You can only come to one conclusion no one really knows anything and It's just guessing.

We need to find out but how...You know if you think about it religions are a pretty big waste of time without an afterlife and So is a god. Since we have all this confusion and No God has yet shown any evidence you just about want to run down the street to a church and Yell, What's the point! Quit wasting your time on shit you know nothing about it's all guesses we got no proof!!!!

I seen one comment on one of the blogs I really liked "I only worry about the life I am living now it's the only one I am sure of" Guess we'll worry about the next life when we get to it if we do at all.

I hope there's an afterlife I got a grandma and An uncle that died I would like to see again but I am not gonna go with someones guess hoping it's right. It's either there or It isn't a guess or Fantasy wont change that.

My grandma once said "don't believe everything you hear" and I say that's all you get with religions you hear this hear that with no evidence.

I don't know what to believe about the afterlife..My 18 year old sister says she talks to our grandma still and Talks to dad who died when she was 3.

I got a friend who goes ghost hunting and Has orb pictures so I don't know.

All I get is hearsay and The pictures who knows..is his camera fucked up it's a possibility or Maybe a reflection off something.

I heard another saying once "I will believe it when I see it" seems like a good way to stay outta trouble don't it?

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Comment by willybilly30 on November 30, 2009 at 9:49am
I agree we live on in the memories of people who know us.
Also, things that are left behind like this blog if this site lasts a really long time it'd preserve my memory.
As much blogging as I have done on the net and Other writing my memory should last a good while.
I guess a good way to think is what I'm doing going to leave a good memory of me? Is it how I want to be remembered?
I just thought of something that would be pretty bad..dieing knowing you'd be a bad memory in everyone's minds. You couldn't even fix it either.
I guess I better try to make as many good memories as possible.

You could call wonderful times heaven and bad times hell a lot of people do.
Comment by dotlizard on November 30, 2009 at 1:34am
You are more than the electrical impulses recorded in your (mortal) brain - you are the sum of all you do in life, everyone you help, your children and their children and so on and so on. Supernatural experiences like your friends and family describe are a prime example - how the dead remain with us, imprinted on our synapses. Since there is absolutely no scientific proof - not one shred, nothing to prove that these experiences involve real communications between the living and the dead (and people have tried), my default position on them is that they are just part of the way the mind works (the living mind, I mean - the people left behind keep the person gone alive within their living consciousness).

So if you live your life conscious of what you will leave behind -- your legacy, not just material but emotional -- you have the chance to carry on in the minds of future generations for potentially a very long time. Write, take pictures, create, do good works, teach, communicate, love.

And as for heaven or paradise -- be alert for it here on earth, during life. I myself experienced a series of perfect sunny afternoons every sunday one summer, my daughter and I would go to a funky beachside cantina and listen to amazing music and dance and dance -- every moment of this was a perfect moment, and I appreciated them right then, right there, I didn't wait to look back on them and realize what they were - the best moments of my life. I may have other best moments, but so far, looks like those were it.

So I'm actually fortunate in that I have another reason not to feel sad that I don't believe in a "heaven" -- heaven sounds really, really boring. If heaven isn't a like a funky beachside cantina on a sunny sunday afternoon with cold beer and perfect music, well, I wouldn't want to go anyway.

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