My partner seems to think that Tiger was missing out on something in his marrige which is why he had afairs? like intimacy or conversatiion fun..and so forth? I have a tendency to be very stuck in my ways of thort in terms of family. I think there is no excuse for infidelity.

Does anyone have an opinion on this. Is there any justification for having and afair?.. if so, what . If not ,the same.


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Comment by Johnny on December 3, 2009 at 12:59am
and although I don't condone "cheating" (infidelity without permission), you have to agree that men often face ruthless, brutal, and unfounded retaliation.

The women often get the kids, destroy the household, and ruin the man. Tell me, which one do you think is the greater violation of love? I can't imagine that a secular person would say that the man's action is, strictly in this common scenario.

I disagree with the man's decision because it puts the family at risk. I more strongly do not support the woman's because it actually destroys it in the traditional sense with 100% efficiency.
Comment by Johnny on December 3, 2009 at 12:54am
now, why don't you think for a moment? why do you think there is no excuse for infidelity? Infidelity is a theist concept. It is so rooted in our culture that many MANY people can't get over it.

I don't mind infidelity. My partner would be devastated by it however, which is a good enough reason for me not to. I just don't see why it's so bad. I'm not a particularly jeaolous person. I believe that people should do what they want as long as it doesn't hurt anybody.

However, if she WERE to have sex with someone else, I would want her to discuss it with me. It's only fair that I know what's going on in my relationship and if there are any risks.

anyway, enough ranting. I think that "cheating," as this appears to be, is a result of poor communication and a strained relationship. The cause is equally the fault of both partners. The act is one of desperation, perhaps confusion or stress. Many people feel SOOO sorry afterwards and don't know why they did it. It's not fair to blame him completely although if you look at the isolated events he was the instigator.

Some peopel ARE just pigs, but you can't assume that of everyone.
Comment by Tina Aitken on December 3, 2009 at 12:39am
Wow that is very insightful. Thank you so much; ) i just read the comment on TW website. I feel sorry for the bloke to be quiet honest. A silly unfortunate spare of the moment judgement call that ended up hurting the people he hold dearest to him. That in its self may seem like a bit of a contradiction as you treat the one's you love with “Love"... it is all still abit of mystery to me. Although you would think that life and love is pretty straight forward? i used to think I new about life in terms of the sanctity of a intimate loving relationship. My partner of 1.5yrs tells me differently & I feel a tad confused & I have begun to question my self : ( Maybe I need to strengthen my own beliefs.. or believe in my self more: ) yes I should go with my intuition. and the momentum behind my argument this morning with my partner is exactly what you stated at the end of your comment. It may be the same justification that he will make if the opportunity ever came up for him.. As he travels around the world also.. His belief dose not make me feel secure at all unfortunately. No matter how much I wish for him to be a loyal honourable man to our life and family he has a lot of ideals in terms of a relationship or marriage that are questionable. My belief seems to be quiet normal as I have spoken to friends about it and on-line. He is an educated man with a masters degree in Chem Engineering so I think he must know what he is talking about?.. once again thanks BHaywood, much appreciated. please let me know if you think im way off or on the dot with my thinking.. you seem pretty on to it about things of this nature; ) Cheers T
Comment by Bitsy Haywood on December 2, 2009 at 11:19pm
Justification?? of course there's no justification EXCEPT if his marriage had been understood by both partners to be "open" to extramarital sexual adventuring. Some marriages are that way, by mutual agreement. If that is not the case, philandering is a classic show of bad faith and treachery.
It was just that the guy was regularly away from the wife and kids out on the road staying in great hotels and being chased around by aggressively sexual women looking to have an affair with a famous man. There have been women like that around just about forever. It takes a lot of character for a man to resist when they rub themselves up against him and there's not much chance of getting caught and the hotel room is just an elevator ride away.
It all boils down to a huge lack of character, which is common to men and probably the reason that your partner thinks TW was somehow justified. He was tempted beyond his ability to resist, and his wife wasn't nearby to be available for him to vent his sexual energies and to watch out for her own interests and take care of his "needs". Be careful, your partner may use the same justification to support their rationalle for doing the same thing, their argument is a window into their thought processes and you may actually have been being warned.



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