A few days ago Muslims the world over celebrated the Eid-ul-Adha marking the end of the Hajj festival. The festival also commemorates prophet Abraham's offer to slaughter his son, Ismail, to comply with Allah's commands given to him in his dreams.

Firstly, coming from a religion that proclaims itself as the monologue of peace, it is obviously quite absurd for its followers to be celebrating an attempted slaughter of a human being, albeit a supposed prophet. All this while in the same breath, majority of the Muslims claim that the use of human slaughter as a form of punishment by the Taliban and other jihadists "has nothing to do" with their religion. Not to mention, thousands of other examples of human beheading and slaughter during the spread of Islam. Obviously, excuses are comically parroted all the time:

"Mashallah! Look at the spirit of sacrifice of Abraham, the willingness to slaughter his own son in the way of Allah", devout Muslims would say. Absurd, to say the least.

Furthermore, it is shocking to see how people with a claim to a supposed civilization, believe that Allah is pleased by their offering of animal flesh and blood as a sign of devotion. The guy in the sky is all powerful and wise, yet, he gets pleased when offered with a dead animal. Reminds me of the human and animal sacrifices performed by the Mayans, Maoris and the recent one in Nepal. The difference being that Islamic ones appear to be more common and widely accepted as the norm.

Secondly, while the overwhelming majority of Muslims, particularly, those performing the Hajj, hail from financially backward communities, mainly third world nations, it goes without saying that spread across towns and slums in Pakistan, North Africa, Afghanistan, Central Asia, Indonesia and so on; these communities are financially disadvantaged and their members can barely afford food and other necessary supplies. In case of Afghanistan, people are so poverty stricken that many resort to selling their children to earn bread, tens of thousands of children die of malnourishment, lack of infrastructure and support pushes more needy people towards death and despair on everyday bases, yet...

... yet from these very communities and countries, tens of thousands of selfish, hypocrite, arrogant and amazingly stupid people pour tens of thousands of dollars per person in to the pockets of an oil rich state, whose only major achievement has been the funding of Islamic fundamentalism across the world, ... all to please the guy in the sky. It is a reliable source of income for state whose oil revenue funds brain washing and suicide attacks in Pakistan and Afghanistan on daily bases, a state where public beheading is a normal rule of law, a state that has inspired beheading, slaughter, abuse and oppression in tens of countries including Afghanistan, a state that has produced Bin Laden.

It frustrates me when these very Hajjis complain about lack of financial support from the NGOs and the government.

Amazing what religion can do to people.
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Comment by amer muhammad on December 6, 2009 at 10:07am
I share your furestrtion being a member of same group of ediots. So what you expressed is not new to me, its been my own feelings too over the years. One thing I am amazed at is "from where you got the picture of Ibrahim and his son"? I mean, according to my information both guays were dead thousands of years ago.



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