Human Sacrifice is Still Being Practiced in America Today

Religious Groups are Threatening the Health and Lives of Americans and the Rest of the World

Parents who refuse vaccinations for their children (due to religious or philosophical exemptions) are placing this country at risk of death from preventable diseases. Countless outbreaks of diseases ranging from Polio to Measles have been traced back to children who were unvaccinated due to their parents beliefs.
Here are some of the compiled statistics from 1972 to 2008.


1972 An outbreak at a Christian Science boarding school Greenwich, Connecticut. 11 children left with varing degrees of paralysis. Children sent home sick to five other states.

1978- 79 11 cases of paralytic polio in religious groups in Ontario, Alberta and British Columbia, in Canada. 1993 22 cases (primarily children) were found with wild poliovirus type 3 among the same Old Netherlands Reformed Church congregation in Alberta that had outbreaks in 78-79.

2005 An Amish Church in Minnesota had five cases of polio in unvaccinated children.


1982 An unvaccinated girl at a Christian Science camp contracted Diptheria and then traveled by bus with many unvaccinated children to Wisconsin. This girl died and Wisconsin was forced to track dowm more than 100 children and adults she had come in contact with for treatments.

1994 A four year old boy in Weston Massachusetts dies from diptheria due to his mothers Christain Science objection to vaccinations.

Pertussis (Whooping cough)

1988 A four month old Amish boy dies from petussis in Conewango, New York. The same Amish community had 216 cases of pertussis in 1982 and six cases in 1985

1992 Four outbreaks in Massachusetts among religious groups claiming religious exemptions to vaccinations.

1993 35 cases of pertussis at two Kauai schools in Hawaii. The disease was brought to each school by children with religious exemptions from vaccines.

2004- 2005 345 cases of pertussis in Kent County, Delaware. (Amish community)

2008 50 cases of pertussis at a private boarding school in Winnebago County, Illinios. The index patient was a student with religious exemption from vaccinations.

2008 The East Bay Waldorf School in El Sobrante, California had to close due to 16 cases of pertussis among it's students. This school provided education based on anthroposophy, a philosophy opposed to vaccinations.


1997 A 12 year old boy contracted tetanus and ran up medical bills of $600,000. The Amish community refused to apply for medicaid and payed only $60,000 of the bill. Not only do these groups put our citizens at risk, they also contribute to the drain on medical resources for hospitals. This is one of the objections to illegal immigrants recieving free health care. It seems it is only a problem when it is illegals in this country. It is quite alright for religious groups to burden our medical providers.

1998 A Montana infant contracts neonatal tetanus due to his mothers objection to vaccinations.

2002 Pediatics reported on eleven children who contracted tetanus due to religious beliefs that prohibit vaccinations.


890 out of 1093 cases of rubella occurred among Amish communities in five states.

In Pennsyvania 12 Amish babies were born with congenital rubella syndrome.

Rubeola (measles)

1985- 1994 There have been four large scale outbreaks of measles at the Principia schools for Christain Scientists in the St. Jouis area. the 1985 outbreak at Principia College had 128 cases of measles with three deaths. In 1989 there were 88 cases of measles at the Principia K-12 and 12 cases at the Principia College.

1985 there were more than 50 cases of measles at a Christian Science camp near Buena Vista, California. All campers were sent home forcing health departments in 16 states to implement control methods to prevent a secondary spread.

1985 The index patient in an outbreak that spread to 137 people at the Blackfoot Indian reservation was a child with religious exemptions from vaccination.

1989 55 children contracted measles while attending a Christian Science camp in Lebanon, Missori. this caused several mini outbreaks when they returned home.

1989 241 reported cases of measles among the 800 Amish residents of Audrain, Randolph, and Monroe Counties in Missouri.

1991 Philadelphia had 492 cases of measles and six deaths among children of the Faith Tabernacle Congregation and the First Century Gospel Church.

1994 An outbreak in St. Louis spread to 247 children including students a public schools. This outbreak cost St. Louis $100,000 to contain. The index case was a student at The Principia School.

1994 Another outbreak occurred in a Salt Lake County, Utah polygamous community. This outbreak spread to another polygamous community in White Pine, Nevada. There were 134 cases of measles in Utah and 12 in Nevada.

1996 There were 107 cases of measles in Washington County, Utah. This county has the polygamous Fundamentalist Latter-Day Saints Church which opposes vaccinations. The index case and 45% of all patients
had religious exemptions from vaccinations.

1999- 2000 The Netherlands had 3,292 cases of measles. Three children died and 72 were hospitalized due to the diease. This outbreak began at a Dutch Orthodox Reformed Church that opposes vaccinations. The Dutch also had outbreaks in 1976, 1983, 1987, 1988, and 1992-94.

2004 Iowa had three cases of measles, two were Maharishi students exempt frrom vaccinations due to religious beliefs. The third was a vaccinated child that sat next to an infectious student on a plane. Total cost to the state $142,000 to manage the outbreak.

2004 A North Carolina girl with religious exemptiom from immunization infected an 11 month old baby who was then taken to a summer camp where he potentially had contact with 234 people who travelled to five states and five foreign countries.

2005 Indiana had 34 cases of measles. 33 of the cases were among members of the Upper Room Christian Fellowship. This outbreak cost $167,000 to manage.

2007 Two cases of measles among religious objectors cost Oregon, Lane County and a hospital $170,000. This cost included tracking down hundreds of people that might have been exposed.

2008 Several of the sixteen school children that contracted the measles did so at a conference of the Generations Church. This church believes in divine healing of the body.

Haemophilus Influenzea, type b

2008 Minnesota had 5 cases of Hib and one death. Three of these children's parents had religious exemptions to vaccinations.

2008- 2009 Pennsylvania seven cases of Hib with three deaths. six of the deaths resulted from these children not recieving vaccinations due to religious objections. Churches involved with killing these children include the Faith Tabernacle church. the First Century Gospel Church and the Amish Communities.

I was under the impression that the practice of human sacrifice was a thing of the past. It is becoming more and more apparent that many religious organizations are ready and willing to sacrifice their childrens lives to assure themselves a place in heaven. If this is an example of GOD blessing America, I am GOD DAMNED happy to be an atheist.

You can read the rest of this story and find countless other examples of human sacrifice in America today at
Be sure to read how some in our Senate and House of Representatives are working to get payments for these killings approved.

This information was compiled by CHILD, Box 2604, Sioux City IA 51106, Ph. 712-948-3500
Their Mission Statement
Children's Healthcare Is a Legal Duty (CHILD, Inc.) is a non-profit national membership organization established in 1983 to protect children from abusive religious and cultural practices, especially religion-based medical neglect. CHILD opposes religious exemptions from duties of care for children.

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Comment by TNT666 on June 15, 2013 at 11:24pm

Mammals dying of disease... I consider it nature. If there were a couple of thousand Homo sapiens on Earth, sure... I'd say we "must save all lives at all costs" because "life is just soooooo precious". But life isn't really precious, that's just religious BS. We're all just mammals, and the weaker ones are subject to disease, so bloody what. Some of us catch more bugs, some of us less, depends on the strength of our immune system. We are the most populous mammal on earth, isn't that enough???? I am quite fed-up with pandering to the life-at-all-costs crowd. It's "pro-life" just from the other end.

We have pushed society into an era of bubble-wrapping, and overall, it makes us weaker, dumber, and more dependent upon drugs.
Death has become Politically Incorrect, well I beg to differ. Let death happen. Just like forests and overpopulated vermin... we need some natural culling.

Comment by Loren Miller on June 15, 2013 at 10:04pm

Stupid is as stupid does.
-- Forrest Gump

Comment by TNT666 on June 15, 2013 at 9:58pm

We're headed for 8 billion people on earth. I really don't give a hoot if a couple of people die here and there. Those who survive all those benign (except polio) diseases are stronger after. There are enough people on earth, really. Really what the planet needs is a vaccine against Homo sapiens, we are like a very bad virus with no cure in sight.



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