Well about a week ago I came out and told my mom I was an Atheist. She didn't go off like I expected her to but she is none too pleased to say the least. She and I had a debate on Sunday when she had woke me up (ironically to go to church) and asked me then and there if I believed in God. Instinct told me to lie and say yes, but she said don't say it if it isn't true and I confessed. She heard me out and tried to argue me down. A couple of days later she asked me if I was ok with the fact that my soul will be in Hell for all eternity. I then told her that Hell wasn't real and that there is no afterlife, which made her angry and combative. She then questioned me about the baby that scientists allegedly cloned and asked me what happened to her (I admit she had me stumped). She then went on to say that scientists know that there is a god and that they've been trying to "match wits" with him for years because that is their job. She so far hasn't brought anything up again about my Atheism even though she insists that I've been led astray by someone and I guess involved in the wrong crowd or whatever and she's skepical of my Internet use. Another thing that she did which I consider a very low blow was to bring up my late grandma, a very religious woman who took care of me mosty up until she died when I was 14, we were VERY close. She told me that she wishes she were here to explain the bible to me and that it would break her heart if she were here to see me deny the word of god like I am, this was said through tears (which by the way quickly dissappeared when I didn't fall for what I believe was an attempt at a guilt trip).

Anyways I think she's starting to accept it and I just wanted to share my experience with you guys.

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Comment by Ian on December 18, 2009 at 7:46pm
Hi Courtney, it isn't a confession - that implies you are doing something wrong, and all you are doing is being honest. It was easy for me since I grew up in a family of atheists and even my grand-parents were not religious.

As for the 'cloning a human" - it has never happened. Your mom may be getting confused by an internet hoax from a few years ago. A good place to check on the accuracy of internet rumors is www.snopes.com. Here is their page concerning a (fake) project to clone Jesus from his DNA:

The cloning success rate for animals is less than 2%. Any lab that tried to clone humans would probably have the same or an even lower success rate - which would likely lead to it being closed down for all sorts of legal and ethical violations. It has not happened and is not going to happen any time soon.

I don't see how the cloning of a human, or anything that might have happened to the allegedly cloned baby, would indicate the existence of a god or gods. If someone, even someone you love and respect such as your mom, tells you to believe something without any evidence, you are right to politely ask them for proof. It is not your place to try to disprove anything. You can't disprove that giant ghosts inside the earth push it around but that does not make it true. The person who believes in superstitions or super natural invisible creatures should provide proof that they are correct.

But don't hold your breath. No one has ever produced any proof of the existence of any god or goddess at any point in the whole of human history.

Stand you ground but don't forget to tell your mom that, atheist or not, you still love her. She needs to know that you are making a decision based on information and that you are not doing this to hurt her in any way.

Thanks for sharing your experience - there are a lot of people here who have not yet plucked up the courage to tell their closest friends or relatives that they they are atheists or humanists, or Brights, or whatever they decide as their preferred label.
Comment by Jon Fleming on December 18, 2009 at 7:23pm
would just like to point out to you when she tries these guilt trips using family members and there veiws. Thing change you grow and learn more thing, what would you if the roles were reversed and how they would feel or want other to feel if they were in your shoes. instead of thinking of how they would react to your stance think of the reverse of them being in it becuase you can't regret understanding the world with a different veiw point or else how would we ever grow from the basic thought of our ancestors.


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