Yeah yeah yeah, I still celebrate christmas even though I'm atheist, old habits and customs are hard to break. Our christmas celebrations never involved a god, just good ole giving and receiving gifts and enjoying family. Well it's going to be a little different this year, a couple of firsts' for me.

As most of you know my mom passed away before Halloween this year and this will be the first year ever that I won't see her on christmas eve. I used to get her a gift she could use, like a T.V. or a DVD player, or maybe a VCR or a Wood Burner to heat her house, but as she got older she didn't really need much, maybe a Crossword Book or a Book she had been wanting to read. (if she could read it in the very dim light in her room, if she turned a light on at all!) Thanks sis.(sarcasm)
I will be remembering my mom in photo's this year, my husband is cropping and editing a couple of photo's that I can hang on my wall.

Also, I will be meeting a grandson for the first time this christmas eve. His name is Clayton. My son was something of a slu......well, you know. He had five kids with five different women, shame on you Gary! I only know one and that is Brandon. So, this will be another first this christmas.

I will have a very special guest this year and I am enjoying every minute of it. Jeb will be here with us, he even has his own stocking filled with toys and goodies! He's like another one of my kids. I really enjoy taking care of him. I was really worried about not doing a good job with him but he's doing so well, he thinks he can go back to his old ways of jumping three feet off the ground, getting some air! What a dork, the plate in his leg cannot handle that many pounds of pressure. So, we leave him in his spacious cage while we go away. When we get back he learned the hard way that his cage is only a couple of inches away from his pointy head! His hair is growing back so he doesn't look like he lost his pair of pants. The incision healed very well, no infections or anything. Now, I hope his two month check-up goes so well.

I'm sure there will be other "firsts" in my life but damn, these take the cake!

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Comment by TinaFCD on December 21, 2009 at 6:22am
I do that all the time too. :)
Thank you for your condolences.
Comment by unholyroller on December 20, 2009 at 11:19pm
Sorry about posting twice. Thought I'd lost I'm prone to do..
Comment by unholyroller on December 20, 2009 at 11:08pm
My condolences on the lose of your Mom. "Occasions" can be difficult. have a new grandchild to love and cuddle. How exciting! Remember your mother with love and joy, delight in your family's new addition, and thanks for the new spaggetti "recipe".
Comment by TinaFCD on December 20, 2009 at 7:02am
It was VERY easy to make. I just took some yarn and weaved it back and forth, kind of like doing up a vacuum cord, tie it in the middle like you would a bow and clip the two ends. Actually you could tie the middle with the pipe cleaners (eye stalks) and then clip and fluff him up, add the Styrofoam eyeballs with little plastic ones glued to them. Glue on his balls! lol!
He has been sitting on my tree for a couple of years now.
Comment by TinaFCD on December 19, 2009 at 8:15am
LOl! Yes it will!

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