Yesterday I received the official announcement that I was the winner of the Inaugural Monty Miller Award presented to me by Atheist Nexus I must say that I am somewhat humbled by the experience. I didn’t set out to win any awards with my blogging (some readers may even raise an eyebrow, having had my inconsistent editing thrust at them), how many bloggers really do? It is, however, a wonderful experience to have the praise of your peers.

I have won the award for a number of reasons – campaigning against the Australian Vaccination Network, working to try and get Australian and New Zealand bloggers together and for my commitment to the Mercy Ministries Fiasco.

I am required to write a short essay or blog post upon winning the award (this is not it) but I wanted to to get in early with some thanks to some very special people, without whose help the Mercy Ministries Fiasco, may never have reached the conclusion that it did.

So thanks to
  • The Mercy Survivors, especially those that had the wherewithal to break the story
  • Ruth Pollard - who I have never met, but who had restored my hope for investigative journalism
  • The Mercy Insiders all around the world that continue to pass on what information they can
  • Tanya Levin – for her advice and humour.
  • Cynic Sage, a Christian blogger with a conscience, who lost his YouTube account as a result of his support
  • John Weaver at Against Biblical Counselling, for sending me the Restoring the Foundations manual, and his astute observations and support
  • The American Mercy Survivors, Vicky, Anna who tried without success to get the American media to expose Mercy where it has been causing hurt for 25 years
  • Thanks to my readers and to those who having being informed about Mercy's behavior, did something
  • And to those who I have missed and to those who still live in fear
Here’s to hoping that 2010 will bring better things for all of us.

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Comment by Sean the Blogonaut on December 25, 2009 at 8:16pm
Thank you all. Looks like 2010 is shaping up to be a big year. You'll be hearing more from me no doubt.
Comment by Chrys Stevenson on December 23, 2009 at 8:03pm
Well said, Sean.

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