99% of all believers are actually Atheist

1st things 1st, I copied this from my mysapce blogs, but its all mine and would like to hear the comments from all of you on it, also the comment that I quoted in the blog is from a myspace blog, attacking atheist if anyone of you would like to read where it came from here is the link


Yes I said it, I would have to say more like 99.99% of religious people in america are Atheist. How is that you say? That makes no since at all right? Well I came across this blog comment the other day and it got me thinking..........

"Would you believe it if I told you that I do not accept that there are such things as atheists? I believe that all men know inherently that God is real. Now, I believe this because I have what is called a Biblical world view, which just means I believe what the Bible says about itself and about us (humanity)- and in it, it says that all men know God is real because He has made Himself known but that some simply deny it. I'm just plugging that in here to try to help explain where I'm coming from with my answers ..."

After reading this comment the 1st thing that came to my mind was WOW!! this person is as dumb as they come, this person thinks that she can read the minds of the 15-20% of americans that call themself an Atheist(about 40 million people give or take). Then it hit me, she is just flat out wrong, she even has it backwards, when it comes down to it, when a believers faith in god is put to the test, they always come to there senses and figure out there is no god after all. Now how can I say this? Well think about it this way lets say you call yourself a good christian, you goto church every sunday, you put 10% of your income in the collection plate, you read the bible everyday, you pray to god every night, you have a husband that is the only man you have ever had sex with, you have a house, a dog and a 4 year old little girl. Sounds pretty typical believer in god right? So you and your husband and little girl come home from church on sunday and your little girl gets out of the car and sees the dog in the front yard and goes and starts playing with it, the dog starts running and runs out in the street, your little angel runs out in the street after the dog, doesnt look and runs right out in front of a church bus full of people. You run as fast as you can to your little girl screaming "WHY GOD WHY?!!?" all the way. You get to her and look down and she has a badly broken leg, the bone sticking right out of the skin, you see blood running out of her ears and she is unconscious. Now what do you do? You have 3 choices here, 1st you can pick up your little girl and take her to her bedroom and bring all the church people from the bus with you and you can all pray for her to be healed, 2 you can pick her up and take her straight to chuch and hope that your pastor can perform a miracle on her, or 3 you can do what any sane person(Atheist) would do and grab your little girl, put her in the car and take her as fast as you can to the closest hospital. Now why would a believer in god do this? Because they are not stupid and know there truly is no such things as gods or miracles. Just because you believe in fairy tales doesnt mean you are totally insane. Now you have your little girl at the hospital and the best doctors work on her using the latest in medical technology and know how. Mean time you still pray for her to recover. A few weeks go by and she as good as new, ready to come home. Now I know that all you believers are going to say well the prayers help to heal her to, it wasnt just the doctors. But you would be wrong, how do I know this? Well because if these same things would have happened 50 years ago, all the same chain of events, the little girl would have died, now would she have died because the doctors didnt have as good as knowledge as they do now? or maybe they wouldnt have the equipment then to save her, or was it becase god didnt answer prayers then as much as he does now, or was it because god loves the people that live today more then the ones that lived 50 years ago? Well I think we all know its because of the doctors, not god. Now to be fair there are those people out there, the ones Ill call the 0.01% that would take there child and just pray for them or hope that there pastor could do a miracle. These people are the true believers in god, they are NOT Atheist, they are also insane and a threat to society, these are the same kind of people that you will see on TV trying to tell the world that evolution is a lie, or that will stand out side of an abortion clinic to kill the doctor going to work, or will try and fly a plane into a building to kill the people that dont believe in the same god as they do. So there you have it, now that you know you are actually an Atheist its time to finish the job, its time to burn your bible and look at the reality of the world. Now I know most people call themself a believer in god just for one reason and that is all down to one fact, they can not accept the idea of no after life but now that you know that there is no god and you know this is true deep down inside of you will also accept that there is no after life, you will also accept that you are an Atheist after all and you can start to get on with a NORMAL life, one that doesnt invlove magical beings or fairy tales or giving your money to big tax shelters. Just think of how much more time and money you will have for that little girl!!

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Comment by Krista on December 31, 2009 at 7:27pm
I've always felt like most religious people's behavior proves that they don't really believe the shit they think that they believe.
Comment by Mark Ritenour on December 31, 2009 at 6:34pm
as far as the comment "paragraphs would make it much easier to read" yes you are very much right, I have 3 big flaws, 1 spelling, 2 typing and 3 grammer so it is very strange that I would pick up a hobby like blogging in an open forum like this or myspace!! But I like to think that I am still getting my point across!!
Comment by Mark Ritenour on December 31, 2009 at 6:30pm
wow, I like that comment"100% of believers are atheists with respect to some god or another in the pantheon of thousands" I wish I would have added that to the blog!!
Comment by ignutz oofmeyer on December 31, 2009 at 8:04am
fine points, paragraphs would make it much easier to read.
Comment by Matt A on December 31, 2009 at 2:28am
That was awesome.



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