Please Read: Sleazy anti-Atheist article in the Oregon Daily Emerald

A rather nasty rant from Portland State University's Daily Vanguard was ran in today's UofOregon Daily Emerald. Most of the time, The Daily Emerald is pretty good at remaining unbiased or at least un-inflammatory. I've never read anything this hateful in my college paper. Please take the time to read it and I would appreciate it if this gets spread around the Atheist blogosphere. This article was originally ran in PSU's paper last November, and for UofO's paper to run it now seems very odd considering the popularity of UO's Alliance of Happy Atheists. Even though the article doesn't attack our group or any other Atheist organization or individual specifically, the fact that our paper picked this out to run says something very significant and hurtful to AHA! The quality of the actual writing is quite low and there is a lot of profanity for a newspaper article.


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Comment by Jim DePaulo on January 6, 2010 at 9:54am
The burden of proof that you so pathetically shove off onto believers is as much your burden as it is anyone’s. You’re still trying to prove something.

Here again is the dimwit demand that atheist prove god doesn't exist and ignoring the fact that one can't prove non-existence. It is the theist claim that god exists that must be proven. Atheist are not trying to prove anything. The writer of the rant is a moron.
Comment by Gold Guy on January 6, 2010 at 8:44am
Rather shallow condemnation. I think anyone other than a devoutly religious person would see that all that anger is without merit. Most atheist do not go around preaching as the author claims, so an unbiased reader would recognize that the author has other issues.
Comment by Michelle on January 5, 2010 at 10:36pm
This is sadly a clueless argument. However, this is not new. It is the two edged sword of organization. In order to ensure our rights are not trampled by those that continue to push for more religious based laws and have lost the concept of neutrality all-together we organize into groups. While trying to recognize our differences, our 'community' is created by a commonality. This leads to the other edge, it makes us a bigger target.
It is always difficult to balance the importance of working together with the inevitable creation by outsiders of a 'single story' for the entire group.
I have found that those without the 'power' need those with it to make change. In the same way women need men to promote sex equality and the GLBT(et all) community needs heteros to fight along side them; we need religious folks to work with us in the social and political realm to gain ground.

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