Chrisitan singers, it's time to grow up.

after I read Glen Watson's blog: youtube - what a crazy flamin' universe we have there! I discovered that Owl City is actually a Christian inspired band!

A little shock at first although after some analasis, their tunes have some cleverly catchy transitions but the lyrics are so utterly bland and thoughtless... it's kind of like mental opium...

so I'm sure anyone of decent knowledge of modern popular music would be familiar with their song Fireflies which was a huge hit although it is excruciatingly shallow though its poetic nature makes it seem elusive and deep on the surface.

Now... obviously I recognize my bias in linking one song with one Christian band to the depth of all singers in all bands, but rather than blindly accepting that my title is truth, I mean to make a speculation.

Indeed... what depth could religiously inspired music possibly produce? Could a product of "opiate of the masses" be anything more really?

Now... this song, Fireflies, is an extremely immature piece of work. Reading up a tiny bit on the meanings of the strange words, it becomes very clear that the words aren't supposed to make sense. They are supposed to describe a world that is forever in a dream. It speaks of wishing for the "earth moving slowly," which, paired with other mentions of fairytale things not observable in the world, leads me and other analyzers I read to believe that what the singer was actually getting at was returning to ignorance and never growing up to see the world as practical.

So I'd like to link that to a common complaint that I hear about open atheists: "Religion doesn't really effect people enough to bother with. Except for extremists it doesn't really change the way people act."

However, right here I have a case of a song made by a Christian group that was not intended to have anything to do with religion, yet I can see directly the religious thought that goes into it. Religion may not be the cause, but it certainly says that this kind of thought is ok.

The wanting to be a child, to be ignorant, to be protected. People who strive for these things do not have the best interests of society at heart. They want the world to revolve around them and be FOR them and their kind no matter how much they repress it, no matter much they try to dilute it with "good" teachings of Jesus.

The underlying theme of religion is the horrible unsatiable need for comfort; the idea that one HAS TO be significant to someone or something greater in order to view oneself as significant.
It fascinates me that Jesus's original message to be selfless has been applied in such a mercilessly selfish manner. People discard all of the humanitarian teachings in favor of regressive, childish statements like "we are god's children" and "Jesus loves us."

Religion is childish. It caters to our own selfish desires to have some powerful force serve our every need and give us constant attention.

Society by its nature must come from a sense of togetherness, not isolation or "personal gods." Humans work best in groups with love and strength in community.

I like to make myself believe that one day the world will stop moving so slowly.

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Comment by Johnny on January 9, 2010 at 2:31pm
don't get me wrong. Like I said, I think the music is very pretty. The words just really frustrate me because they are so stupid and ruin the otherwise pretty song.
Comment by Christine Vyrnon on January 9, 2010 at 10:58am
U2 is pretty darn christian too. I had a friend who burned all his extensive U2 memorabilia and music when he left the faith.
Comment by Michael J. Clarkson, Jr. on January 9, 2010 at 3:12am
Fireflies makes me want to inflict violence on its singer. There is just something so useless and childish about such silly nonsense it makes my inner primal man go, "HULK SMASH." I hope they stop playing that tripe every ten seconds soon or I fear for my car stereo.
Comment by Michelle on January 9, 2010 at 1:12am
My 7 year old loves 'Fireflies'. Hey wait a minute...



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