As you may know, Ireland recently introduced a law making blasphemy illegal.
I feel the best way to fight this potentially dangerous law law is to ridicule it and the "gods" it seeks to protect.
There is a defence to the law if the "blasphemy" is not intended to cause offence so those of us in Ireland need to be careful that any such joke is intended to make one laugh (persons located outside Ireland need have no such scruples)
I'm going to kick off with a Joke that some may find offensive, but MY intention is not to offend but to let folks have a laugh.
Please add your jokes but please, keep them funy

In Ireland and the UK there is a low-fat dairy spread called "I can't believe it's not butter".
It seems the Catholic Church in an attempt to woo the modern weight conscious person to mass have introduced a new low-fat communion wafer called I can't believe it's not Jesus
Over to you

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Comment by Greg Lammers on January 13, 2010 at 10:28am
I'm with you Jack, I think blasphemy and ridicule are appropriate and necessary. Here goes:

Theological question: Can you prevent the return of Zombie Jesus by driving a wooden stake through a communion wafer and into the ground? Wait, that only applies to Vampire Jesus, never mind.



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