No One Is Mentioning The Role Of Chrisitanity In The Haitian Devastation

How come no one in the media is talkin’ about the role of the Catholic Church in the tragic loss of life in Haiti? If the Haitian people lived in harmony with their fragile, insufficient island, there wouldn’t be tens of thousands perishing under the mass of poorly constructed buildings and shanties. They were crushed to death like roaches under the heel of a boot.

If the Spanish conquistadors hadn’t invaded the island, Haiti could have been an earthly paradise. Imagine a tropical island lush in exotic animals and birdlife. Hispaniola offered serene togetherness of sky and sea, delicious climate and breath-halting loveliness.

But religion had destroyed the conquistador’s appreciation of nature. The first thing the Spanish wanted was a return on their measly investment for the cost of a triune fleet plus the meager salaries of a few hundred soldiers. Within a generation they recouped their money a million-fold with gold mines all over the island and the native Taino tribesmen mercilessly enslaved. They had turned Hispaniola into hell.

But slavery wasn’t enough. The Spanish invaders also brought small pox and Christianity. Fresh slaves from Africa had to be imported to work the mines, the Tainos virtually annihilated. The disease was devastating to the body, but the mind control of religion (including Voodoo) proved far worse, because the Haitian people were doomed to perpetual poverty and their fragile island the plague of ever-growing overpopulation. Two million human beings inhabit a port city highly vulnerable to natural disaster. Powerful people have to start asking “why?”.

If Haitians would have been living in harmony with nature—as many people as the farmland and sea could support, perhaps a million (instead of 9,000,000) happy, nature-loving, biophilic people, could be living in heaven on Earth this very day.

Instead poverty, illiteracy, filth, deforestation, crime and pollution are the way of life. The way I see it, Haitians need to stop going to church and make the clergy work for a living like everybody else, then institute strong anti-overpopulation measures. Within a few generations numbers could stabilize to around a tenth of what it is today. On average, every Haitian woman brings 3.8 babies into the world. Perhaps leaders should ask the Chinese how to bring this fecundity to one—for the sake of Haiti itself.

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Comment by Steven Nunn on January 19, 2010 at 7:49pm
Richard I hope you saved the tooth for the Tooth Fairy, in this economy we need every penny.

You needn't ask for forgiveness yet, the line in front of you is thick with serious transgressions. I suspect the big Guy in the sky has his hands full already, and probably can't take any new clients. Hell, just the Bush administration alone must have caused decades of divine hand wringing and holy paperwork. I would love to be in Satan's place as a giver of punishment when these filthy bastards kick the bucket, you can bet I would broker a conviction. And then they would be mine... Oh, sweet Jesus!!! Bloody retribution never looked so delicious.

Sorry friend, I'm still in recovery. Well, when it's convenient anyways.
Comment by Rich Goss on January 19, 2010 at 6:48pm
Wow, sorry. I'm was on anesthesia and I get a little juvenile.

I'll erase the post.
Comment by Steven Nunn on January 19, 2010 at 5:15pm
Richard, I missed your question due to my leaving the computer in standby. The statement (i>and hearing one more simplistic, out of context comment>) was a response to other social sites I often frequent. Rush Bimbob made a curt observation regarding Haiti's financial health with a ignorant comparison to its island partner. This (of course) brought an avalanche of angry replies and counter replies.

I'm trying to break the habit of listening to the cacophony of idiocy that has become our internet discourse, but it gets lonely up in this tower. If I could find some full length rubber waders perhaps such sewer strolls might be acceptable. I'll shower before visiting A/N next time.
Comment by Steven Nunn on January 19, 2010 at 9:44am
As an aside, Richard where did you get the featured picture? It looks like support work for some kind of agricultural crop, but the spacing seems excessive (maybe eight to ten feet?). A quick crop search for Haiti found no likely candidates with that space requirement. Maybe shade cloth support for tobacco? Soil looks dry, compacted and poor with well worn paths. The woman standing there looks really strong, and I see a man and child in the picture. Farm family waiting for rain? The sandals look odd, though. Not work style.
Comment by Rich Goss on January 19, 2010 at 8:16am
And hearing one more simplistic, out of context comment about Haitian cultural complexities or (worse) Dominican Republic comparisons may find me running stark mad, swinging a stick.

I know, this whole situation is disheartening. Just what comparisons do you mean?
Comment by Rich Goss on January 19, 2010 at 8:10am
Sure I realize that the dismal conditions on the island are caused by multiple and variegated factors. It’s a hodgepodge and witch’s brew, and the church is the black cauldron because it instills and nourishes beliefs in the supernatural. Illiteracy, for example, is over 40% and has a lot to do with it. I wonder how much the Church is trying to remedy this condition. In the Middle Ages it was a serious crime to teach a peasant to read the Bible.

I’m heavy into memetics and to my view all Christianity wants as a meme complex is to infest more human brains. The memeplex helps create conditions to make infection run as smoothly and effectively as possible. Big families living in squalor makes meme transmission easier because the “hook” of Paradise is all they have.

are a bit more complicated than believing that poor people cause their own problems

Jim, I didn’t mean to imply that the poor people cause their own sad living conditions. It’s a case where the young are born into conditions that already exist. Can you show me a line where I said that?

Just an aside, does anybody know what happened to Baby Doc? The last I heard was that he still plays with dolls and that he was broke after a few years living in Paris with all his cronies.

As always, thanks Mac. Good point about woman’s reproductive rights. I wonder if a couple could buy condoms in Port au Prince. I know it’s very difficult in Manila.
Comment by Steven Nunn on January 19, 2010 at 7:29am
Good question Richard. Of course, when was the last time anyone mentioned the role of Christianity with any present tense human suffering? Islam gets (deservedly) bashed continuously here in the West for it's role as a death & suffering catalyst, Christianity finds the road clear of complaint. Even those stories that scream for attention get glossed over with misdirection, backpedaling and avoidance.

Been really digging into the history of this sad island, and won't comment directly out of respect for the hundreds of thousands whose lives ended crushingly. Noticed the usual hate mongers (Gods people, all) have added their enlightened perspective to our national discourse, seen some ridiculous comments from Wingers Who Know Everything. And hearing one more simplistic, out of context comment about Haitian cultural complexities or (worse) Dominican Republic comparisons may find me running stark mad, swinging a stick.
Comment by Terry on January 19, 2010 at 4:49am
I would just like to add that one of the main reasons that the African slaves in Haiti were able to free themselves from the yoke of slavery was religion itself. Their refusal to adopt the white god concept(Christianity) and hold on to their west African religion(Vodu) caused the slave masters to fear them more than the ones they were able to mind control.
Comment by Mac Rex on January 18, 2010 at 8:31pm
While I agree with Rich's assessment that religion is a cause of the Haitian people's misery, I would not agree that it is the only, or even the prime cause. Religion in Haiti is more like butter, ignorantly being put on a burn; thought to sooth burns, but make them burn more.
The Haitian people have been forced to pay for their freedom by their former colonialist en-slavers. They help fight for the freedom of the US, against the British, and had the American government repay the favor with invasion and economic rape years later (the US Marines invaded in 1915 to 1934, "Scholars agree that Haiti was in much better shape after the occupation than before, but some accuse the US of estabishing a "shaky" foundation that left the country with a doomed financial structure. This was due to a 1922 $40 million loan owed to the US as well as the country's national treasury and to the Banque Nationale owned by a New York bank. The result was a financial system that siphoned the country's wealth to offshore creditors instead of reinvesting it in the country's economy." - Wiki). The ruling elite of Haiti ruthlessly exploited (and still exploit) the people, with the help of American armed and trained thugs (National Guard, Duvalier's Tonton Macoutes). This is the main cause of the Haitian peoples grief and their poverty.
The part that religion, and specifically the Catholic church, play in all of this is the church's teachings of submission, exploitation of ignorance (and indeed the enforcement of it) and, yes Rich, you are quite correct, fight against woman's reproductive health care (family planing, contraceptives, etc.). All people of the earth, not just the poor, oppressed and severely exploited ones, need to control their birth rates. The best way to do this is to educate and empower woman and girls. Making woman and girls believe that being "Peez dispensers" is a good thing (Holy, sacred, whatever...), is a crime against all human apes, and, indeed, a crime against all life on our little blue dot.
Comment by AgeOfAtheists14 on January 18, 2010 at 8:15pm
one more thing, did you see when the last quake hit in Cali?
arnold did not flinch when a picture fell off the wall, kept on with the interview, creepy
not sure how long before the Haiti quake that was
Earth does not discriminate. Nor do I.



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