I have noticed over the years that women seem to be more likely than men to be hard core bible pushers, yes both men and women both do this but it always seems like women are more in your face about it. I mean think about it, when you walk through the mall you dont see men wearing a crucifix necklace, its always the women. When you see people driving down the road with the jesus fish on the back of their cars it always seems to be women. My local news channel has a girl on at 6 pm every week night that always wears a crucifix necklace. The place where I work I have to get in customers cars to move them around, some times as many as 60 a day so you get a look at what people carry around with them, I see bibles and jesus fish and guardian angels in peoples cars all the time but it seems like I see these things in way more womens cars then mens. I have also seen many of the hard core christian blogs on myspace seem to be from women and that it seems many of the atheist blogs seem to be from men. Now maybe this is just my very limited world view or maybe there is something to this. Now the thing I do not understand at all is why women still continue to follow the bible anyway, I mean have these women never read anything in the bible? The bible is pretty damn hard on women after all. Both new and old testaments. So why does a group of people that is held back by a book like the bible as much as women are still defend it? What does it have to offer them? In my opinion I think women should be many more times likely to become atheist then men but it just doenst seem to be that way.........

Below Im going to list some of the repeated oppression of women in the bible, please feel free to add any other lines you have in mind and leave you ideas on why women continue to follow the christian religion, I would realy like to her from the christian women on this because I have no idea in hell why you still condone this kind of treatment and why you go out of your way to teach it to your sons and especially to your daughters......

CORINTHIANS 11:3-10 in the christian bible orders women to cover their heads in prayers. These verses further state that the male doesn't have to cover his head because "female was made from male, and the male not from the female." It further states that a woman covering her head is a sign of male "authority."

Eve ate from the "forbidden tree" BEFORE Adam did. Adam ate from the tree AFTER Eve did. The woman was deceived FIRST. Because of EVE causing Adam to sin by eating from the forbidden tree, the ground is "cursed." God doesn't forgive them, but damns them and humanity - thanks to Eve (the woman)! ALL females go through "pains of childbearing" as a punishment from God - because of EVE'S sin. All males have to go through pains of eating from the ground, thanks to EVE. ALL babies are born in SIN, thanks to EVE. All of this can be found in GENESIS 2:4-3:24. "Adam was not decieved but the woman was" (1 TIMOTHY 2:11-14) "Woman will be ruled over by the male" (GENESIS 3:16) In other words, thanks to a FEMALE, we are damned! It is clear that in Christianity, the very first woman is blamed for wrongdoing, but not the very first male.

"The birth of a daughter is a loss" (ECCLESIASTICUS 22:3, Catholic Bible) - Ritual impurity of a mother is TWICE as long if a female is born and not a male.
"It is a shame for women to talk in the church." (1 CORINTHIANS 14:34-35) If females cannot talk, then how are they supposed to learn?
If the husband dies without impregnating the wife, then the "brother" of the dead husband MUST marry his wife. The female CANNOT marry anyone else, but ONLY her dead husband's brother (DEUTERONOMY 25:5). In Christianity (and Judaism), the woman has NO CHOICE, but to marry her dead husband's brother. It is clear that religion is oppressing women..

This list it all but endless, if you would like to read more on this go to this web site it has hundreds more of these all with explanations of the verse and links to the verses themselves....


So if anyone can explain why women still condone this kind of treatment I would love it if you could explain it to me because I will never figure it out on my own.

Thanks for letting me waste your time....

God B. Less....Mark

Just to help prove my point here I used the "browse people" feature on myspace to do a 20 mile search of 18-40 year old males and females that live with in 20 miles of me and checked if they were atheist or christian, using a little bit of simple math I found that women are twice as likely to call themself christian then men, almost exactly double the number(its no wonder I dont like living around here), so again why is this? what does religion offer women over men? are men just smarter then women when it comes to supernatural stories? do women need something more to grab onto in life? are women just more gullible then men?? come on people I need answers!!

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