I believe that:

There is absolutely no grandeur and no beauty in being some supernatural creature's project, whether it's a God or some other entity.

Because I know you're an ephemeral creature and you’re going to die, you’re infinitely precious to me. If you were just an immortal soul inhabiting a body, you’d be expendable. Why would I care about you if I know you are a soul that will live forever? If I'd know you were immortal your suffering wouldn’t be a major concern for me. No big deal if I see you suffer. I can ignore you, knowing that an all powerful god is watching out for you.

On the contrary because everything you are and you do is temporary, fleeting, fragile and gone forever, it's precious, you are precious because you won't be here tomorrow, not because you are an immortal soul!

Believing that you’re going to live forever in heaven after you die, doesn’t make your life or mine precious and special? I don’t think so! Worse. I think such a fairytale actually negates the need for love here on earth.

We only have each other to love, don't waste us with your bad dream!

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Comment by Philippe on January 31, 2010 at 7:09am
I know Jim, but all the believers of the three Eastern religions, Muslims, Christians and Jews think that they have something right in common and they all use prayers.

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