This is not just a thought, it's a rally call. Religions have holy days, days where the members must do, or not do, a thing, or things, to show their allegiance to their cause, which they call faith. Often these are called Faith Days. As atheists we do not have these opportunities to show our equally strong and valid No god viewpoint, or to likewise take time off work for that purpose.
I propose that we, the atheist community, should collectively select a day in the year when we can show our allegiance to our cause however,
As that cause is essentially nothing - we are
'For NO god'
as opposed to
'For a god'
I propose that the day should be spent in silence, the absence of communication, debate.
I feel it would be an exceptionally peaceful expression of our position, which would be no more demanding, or socially disruptive, than people going missing from the workforce hither and thither to worship their chosen voodoo.

The day?
I reckon it should be something significant,
Silence on Dec 25th may prevent the many family rows that day spawns, but I suspect it would be perceived as argumentative to hold it then. I think the best thing would be to hold it on the day when the world started to grow out of the superstitious nonsense.

The day the great Charles Darwin was born...
February 12th Atheist Day of Silence.

  • Any Suggestions for a more suitable day?
  • Is it too late for this to happen in 2010?
  • Is it even a good idea?
  • Have we as Atheists got the collective balls to stand alone in our communities and be silent?

Answers on a postcard please! LOL Or better still - Join the Facebook group Atheist Day of Silence

This is one of the Too many questions

PEACE Crispy

Please leave a comment - Anything will do The best communications are often, THREE WORDS OR LESS OR ONE OR MORE FINGERS!

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