I guess I am officially a Humanist now. So what was I before -- an inhumanist?

Two very brief comments:

First, I'd like to announce that I just got a free 1-year membership with the American Humanist Association. The details are in this blog entry on the Friendly Atheist website, if you're interested in following up on this opportunity as I did. (A year's membership normally costs $35.)

Second, I applaud the Atheist Nexus webmaster(s) for reducing the site's title banner to a reasonable size! It previously was very pretty, but it took up nearly half of my usable screen space -- terribly cumbersome. It now still looks almost as pretty and is nowhere near as much in the way. Thank you very much!

EDIT: Well, so much for my effusive praise for the reduction of the site's title banner; that change lasted only about 24 hours before the banner got revised again to almost the same huge size as before, and still not as attractive as the previous design. Come on, guys! It is really so hard to balance practicality and aesthetics?

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Comment by Buffy on August 5, 2008 at 10:23pm
I also took advantage of the free online American Humanist Association membership. Who can disagree with free?



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