First you have the whole concept of modern-day Tea Parties, whose only vague resemblance to the original is when someone gets the period costume right. If you know nothing else about the Boston Tea Party, every American from age 7 onwards can chant the phrase: "Taxation without representation."

Today's Tea Partiers A) Are protesting the whole concept of paying taxes period. Because taking from the community without contributing back is wrong - for poor people on welfare. But patriotic if you're a non-poor Republican. B) Completely misunderstand the concept of 'without representation.' News flash; you have representation. Your representatives were democratically elected by a majority in your community/state/nation. If you're not one of those majority suck it up. It's not fascism, it's democracy.

But luring angry hoards of fact-challenged White people into forgetting their 1st grade history class in favor of conspiracy theories about the country's first Black president who doesn't even have the common courtesy to choose for himself a proper American name like "John" or "McCain" or "Rush" or "Trig," that's the easy bit.

The first <i>real</i> challenge was to see if we could get them to call themselves "Teabaggers." Teabaggers, crawling over themselves to Teabag Obama. Bonus if we can get FOX News to say Teabagers on the air. Multiple times. Before anyone catches on.

That hurdle overcome, let's see if we can't start a splinter group aimed at keeping big government's nose in everyone's personal business, because that's what Republicans are soooo in favor of. We'll call it 2 Million For Marriage. But we need to draw in the hip young people, so let's give it a cool acronym like "2M4M."

All that's left now is a horrifically overpriced convention where we can bitch in unison that the government has left us penniless. Let's see, thousands of fine American cities where we might hold our wholesome, Christian gathering. Snap! Got it!


GayLord Tennessee!

We dare you Liberal party-poopers to stretch and twist that into some supposed silly innuendo.

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Comment by Jo Jerome on February 9, 2010 at 12:56pm
Grrrrrr... Fixed the link. It's to a most wonderful Rachel Maddow bit.

Also, for some reason I've tried a hundred and one times to put a picture at the top of the blog. It appears to take, shows up in the preview, but not when I actually post it.

Comment by Little Name Atheist on February 7, 2010 at 6:45am
Heh. Well done! However, the 2 Million For Marriage link leads to a "page not found". I'm glad I followed the links, as the 2m4m guy was a stitch.

Too early in the morning for me to twist anything.



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