Try this!! And report back... if you please!

Once upon a time... in a bar..... I had the pleasure of chatting with a stranger, a Christian, who asked me how I could possibly be an atheist? A recollection of our advantageous conversation is ~~~

Me: First, admit to me that among all the major religions of the world, there are followers that "know" in their hearts that their religion is the "true" religion.

He: Well, I suppose so, yeah.

Me: I'd like you to play a little game with me.. It will take concentration for about two minutes.

He: Ohhhkayyy....

Me: I'd like you to pretend -- .... you must concentrate for this one... pretend that you'd never heard of any religion at all. We are sitting here.. and you've never heard of greek gods, christian gods, god miracles, churches, temples, ... and you've never heard of any person that ever heard of any god,.... pretend you've never heard even those words.

He: ............ Alright .....

Me: You are sitting in this bar, and I come in and sit next to you just like I am now. I say I have a friend named Emil. He's really cool! ................ He makes clouds and stars. ............... He made the sun and the moon. ............ His mother never copulated, but got pregnant without her consent, and without her knowledge, and then Emil was born! He was at a wedding once, and just snapped his fingers and the bottled water turned into Budweiser beer, He just did that because they had run out of beer. I've never actually seen Emil, but I can tell when he's around. I talk to him sometimes and I know he is listening.

He: I'd think you were crazy! (He then gave me the funniest look.)

Me: My point exactly!


I'm certain this simple conversation had a lasting effect!

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Comment by Gary Huckleberry on June 18, 2010 at 6:27am
Jack, .. the goal is not to be intelligent, (or pretentiously original), but rather to be realistic. When confronted with the "experience" that the only difference between god and Emil is the name, they both appear to be quite silly.
Comment by Gary Huckleberry on June 16, 2010 at 6:04am
Selen, ... once the mind is intentionally cleared of theism, .... the very thought of christianity is so ridiculous, that no one would believe it. When the theist EXPERIENCES this, ... the whole world suddenly "feels" totally different, in an earth shattering way.
Comment by Jack Butler on June 15, 2010 at 2:01pm
In all fairness Greg,
This is a variation on Carl Sagen's article, The Dragon in my Garage. Google it.
Comment by Selen on June 15, 2010 at 9:42am
Emil? he is everything and actually this the point? people could accept God but not accept Email, it is same thing is this story I think.people worked for accepting God,that is reason, maybe?



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