I am ashamed to admit, this is near where I grew up.

From the article:

"A report of a large animal at the Bruce Harne residence in rural Staples around midnight July 23 is believed to be a bear, according to local law enforcement and conservation officials.

The Wadena County Sheriff’s department received information that Bruce Harne reported his wife called him and said that her son’s girlfriend hit an animal with her vehicle, according to a dispatch report. The animal was standing on its hind legs and was approximately 9 feet tall. The animal was reportedly “hanging around the house” during the time of the call. Individuals at the home shot at the animal twice, according to the report. The animal was believed to have left large, human hand-shaped tracks.

The animal’s two-legged stance and “hand-shaped” paws has led some in the community to speculate that the animal was a sasquatch. "

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Comment by Hessenroots on August 7, 2008 at 9:40pm
ahh hahaha!

Sorry, it's all together possible that something along the lines of sasquatch exists but I love that people didn't think "oh, a bear" first. I regularly camp and fish up in Fifty Lakes (not far NE from Staples)...the whole area is a tourist trap from Brainerd on up. Kinda close to Fort Ripley for a giant, mythical, completely elusive mammal to be trouncing around I'm thinking...

Maybe bigfoot was looking to do some walleye fishing on Mille Lacs and got sidetracked?

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