What is it that disturbs me the most about believers: their dishonesty. The extent to which they would actively and without hesitation subvert honest debate in the name of faith. It is not that they would do physical damage to those opposed, but rather that they would tell a lie to defend their faith and believe it themselves. Knowing you are telling a lie at least leaves hope for correction, but mistaking a fabrication of your mind as the truth undermines any hope for a true debate.

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Comment by AHB on February 28, 2010 at 9:01am
Jim, thanks for comment.
As my comment starts out with, it is what is most disturbing to me. Of Course, undeniably, the thousands of years of physical damage is very very disturbing. But, just for a second, imagine how hopeless it is to debate with someone who has poisoned a conversation with false data presented as truth. The comment was inspired by such a conversation.

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