Yes, I did it. I feared they might find out from someone else so I figured it would be best if they heard it from me. I also saw it as a way to tell them why I had been complaining about going to church all this time. I am happy that I told them, but I am also sad to have let them down. I thanked them for trying to give me good morals through my former religion, but also said that it just wasn't right for me anymore. My mom slowly cried and then went to blame it on my ex-boyfriend, which is ridiculous because he didn't make me convert to atheism; he inspired me to look at things from all points of view and I agreed with this side more. I unfortunately still have to go to church until I am out of the house, but I told them not to get mad at me anymore for not participating. Now, my parents are going to pray for my conversion every single day to rub it in my face about my change of view. They are also currently acting like I don't really exist. It really makes me sad, and I hope this will pass soon. Is this a typical reaction?

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Comment by Nathan Yospe on March 13, 2010 at 8:23pm
That's a hard position to be in. My mom never understood - my dad did, and, oddly, my mom's dad did - but she never got that obnoxious about it. Someday, most likely, they'll come around. In the meantime... you'll find that, while the ethics of atheists vary as widely as the morals of the religious, most of us are kind, warm, and welcoming, and someone clear enough of mind to break free of the influence of a religious upbringing will always find friends and support among the intelligent and free-thinking.

There's a bit in this video that might help:
Comment by Ted E Bear on March 13, 2010 at 7:43pm
Let them pray all they want; it’s not really doing anything anyway. Ignoring you is just their way of trying to maintain control. You need to be calm about it. Right now they are trying to provoke a reaction to get their own way; their ideology is by its nature manipulative, they don't know any better. Give them some time to get over it. In most cases, they will begin to invite you into their lives. That being said, the best approach is to explain to them that your mind is made up, that they have nothing you have not heard before, and that religion is not a topic you will discuss with them until they are willing to respect your perspective.

Religious people often take the same approach as spoiled children and abused dogs, so watch a little “Super Nanny” and “and maybe some “Dog Whisperer”. You would be surprised how much that works.

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