The Teabaggers: The New Millennialist

“The ideological glue binding together this wide assortment of people is a mixture of four ingredients: a deep-seated mistrust of government officials; an obsessive hatred for federal authority; a belief in far-reaching conspiracy theories; and a feeling that Washington bureaucrats have utterly discarded the U.S. Constitution. To this volatile adhesive can be added a heavy dose of frustration and anger over the ever-increasing chasm between what politicians do and what the general public wants.”

If the paragraph above sounds like a definition of the Teabaggers, you’d be right, but when this was written in 1998 the author of “End Time Visions”, Richard Abanes was actually referring to “Patriot” groups like the one Timothy McVeigh (of Oklahoma Bomber infamy) belonged to.

Other organizations that have infiltrated so called “Patriot” groups are Klansmen, neo-Nazis, and Christian Identity believers (i.e., white supremacists who blend pseudo-Christian beliefs with racism and anti-Semitism).

Now here’s where this whole thing gets even more relevant for us Athiests.

In addition to the paranoia and conspiracy theories already mentioned, these fascist whacks subscribe to the New World Order conspiracy. The NWO is a demonic one world government run by none other than the UN that will dominate and enslave all the people across the globe, setting the stage for the End Times, the return of the AntiChrist, the Tribulation and all the millennial paranoia driven belief system that goes with it.

The rhetoric of the Teabaggers is filled with "socialist/communist/UN" inspired plots. Stay tuned as the Healthcare Bill passes and President Obama becomes the AntiChrist.

It is really disturbing to see mainstream media portray the “Teabaggers” as little more than a few gun nuts and angry grandmas in tennis shoes. The reality is that we are dealing with a “party” rife with repackaged Nazis, White Supremacists and Christian Identity groups capable of and willing to commit the same level of terrorism as Oklahoma bomber.

Oh, and they really, really don't like Athiests.

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Comment by Tom Thompson on March 19, 2010 at 10:55pm
I fear I live under a rock. What is a teabagger? I did a google search but unless you are talking about people who place their genitalia in strange places I don't think I found it.



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