Ok so there are those against having health care for everyone in the United States.
They have it in England, Germany, France, Canada, and a whole list of others.
Of course, there are those who in those countries who do not like it. Then they just need to pay for their own coverage.

Funny thing is, having been in the insurance game the first thing you learn is that there will be someone who’ll call up and tell you they are tired of their employer’s health care plan. They are going to buy their own.
So you get their information and get them the quote.
When they find out how much a private policy will cost them, they’ll tell you, “I’ll get back to you on this..”
They found out just how much a PRIVATE PERSONAL HEALTH CARE POLICY will actually cost them.
It ain’t cheap.
They got and get sticker shock.
And you know, that Employer Paid for health care plan just doesn’t’ seem that bad now.

So let’s go one step further.
Let’s stop all this “Socialism”, “Communism”, “Liberalism”, yada yada yada.
Let’s take away Social Security and Medicare.
There is no reason why the American People nor their government should or need to pay for some elderly person’s health care nor supplement their pension.
If they didn’t save enough for their retirement then that’s THEIR PROBLEM.
If they didn’t save enough to pay for their health care when they got old then THAT’S THEIR PROBLEM.
If they had too many kids and couldn’t save then that’s THEIR PROBLEM.
In fact, their children ought to then PAY FOR THEIR HEATH CARE.

And let’s go even further.
Why should employer’s pay for their employee’s health care?
All those employee benefits, save for employee sponsored one’s are 100% TAX DEDUCTIBLE.
That mean’s those employee health and life benefits are being paid through

This needs to be stopped NOW!
The same applies for government employees.
They, like all American’s should be paying for their own health care.
Why are they sucking off the Government nipple then?
Because they work for the government?
That’s stupid. That’s a was of tax payers money.
We can cut billions across the country by cutting out government employee life, health and retirement benefits.
No where in the US Constitution nor Bill of Rights does it state that Government employees are entitled to such things.
Nor does it say our elected officials are entitled to any life, health or pension benefits. So why are the American People being burdened with this ‘Socialism?”
This is totally UN-AMERICAN and needs to be stopped NOW.

If these people complain then what they need to do is simply quit wasting their money on things they do not need. People do not need big cars or trucks. There is public transportation available. They don’t need cable TV or satellite TV, internet access, computer games and so on. They don’t need such things as beer or alcohol, pizza, soda, ice crème, candies and a whole list of things. It’s a huge long list.
They have to simply prioritize things they need to live and what they don’t need. Like braces for people teeth. There is no medical reason why a person has to have straight teeth. It is just cosmetic. Plain and simple.

So when I hear people like Glen Beck crying on TV about “Progressives”, and “Liberals’, and “Communists’ and “Socialists” he needs to actually take a leadership role. The same for the likes of Sarah Palin.
They need to go to their employer and tell them that they need to remove them from their employee benefits plan. Remove them from their employer pension plan. In fact they need to tell their employers that they need to hire them on as a contractor.

This will do two things.
The first is that the employer will no longer have to match their contribution to Social Security and Medicare payments which is about 7.5% currently. This will also reduce their Employee Benefits costs. Therefore reducing the “Back Door Socialism” that is being funded by the American Government and the American Taxpayer.
Second thing they as Americans and true believers in non-socialist forms of government will assume the full burden for their Social Security and Medicare taxes. This will be around 14% of what they earn. In addition they will be then responsible for their own health care, life insurance and retirement. The tax payer will no longer have to should this and their burden.
Now for those who have a pre-existing medical condition they will be able to get coverage under the Consolidated Omnibus Reconciliation Act or COBRA. They will be covered and will have to pay for their own health care. But as well all know this should be a personal responsibility and not a government responsibility.
So you see, we are able to free ourselves from our government nipple at any time. We the People have the ability in the United States to provide for ourselves and not rely on our government nor our fellow tax payers to do so.
Anything else is either: Socialism, Communism, Liberalism or Progressivism. And as we all know any of these things or a combination of them is not American.

So what’s your take on this?

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Comment by Catherine Osborn on March 23, 2010 at 1:53pm
Another PS. It occurs to me that I may have overstated the danger from libraries. Many people who frequent them are actually homeless and just go in to take advantage of the free heat and light.
It's bad enough that taxpayers should be burdened with bills for library heating and lights, but not quite as bad as poor people reading books.
Comment by Catherine Osborn on March 23, 2010 at 1:36pm
Hi Rick,
I want to second your legitimate concerns about American freedom of choice. And Jcpkanaloa is also right about those underhanded socialist public services.
The police are especially bad – little better than social workers in uniform.
But you both forgot public libraries. Has the socialist agenda ever received a bigger bootstrap than by making BOOKS available, free of charge, to the unwashed masses? Why should you pay taxes to allow those people to read socialist/communist propaganda – like Swift, Dickens, Twain or, god forbid, Sartre? I've even seen copies of writings by Marx and Engels in public libraries. It's a flaming disgrace. Let's just hope the education system here stays as incompetent as it always has been. That ought to minimise contact between poor people and books.
And the money for libraries and other social services is all coming out of your pockets. (Seriously, Rick. I think they're going to make you financially and personally responsible for all of it.)
Fortunately, it's not coming out of my pockets. That's because I'm a) unemployed (you know, like Joe the Plumber) and b) returning to Europe in June so I won't have to pay into Obama's mandated healthcare "option" by 2014.
Thank god (and this is a well kept secret in the US) the "socialist" EU is actually the largest free trade zone on the face of the earth. It has more consumers than China!

PS For those of you too young to know this, irony is not an invention of postmodernism.
Comment by Sonny Mobley on March 20, 2010 at 5:36pm
We just need to get this all out of the way so we can focus on what is just as and perhaps even more important: The state of our education system. We have to do something now or 'm moving to another country to have children.
Comment by J.P.M. on March 20, 2010 at 4:44am
Yeah, I can never get over how all these teabag-sucking rednecks worried about socialized medicine have never actually been anywhere outside their own pathetic little county, let alone country, to experience it. I am from Canada - and they want to tell ME about how the government shouldn't be allowed to 'take over' their health care. Puh-lease...Twice the care for a fraction of the price and everyone pays on a sliding scale according to their income.
Comment by Rick on March 20, 2010 at 1:49am
Mind you...this is all tongue in cheek..



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