I’m so naive. For a while I actually thought that we simply didn’t agree on how the universe was created. I used to think, well, I believe in the big bang theory proven overwhelmingly by science, while “believers” believe some god created the universe. We just have different explanations of why we’re here. Why not? I should respect that!

Then, I realized that’s not what it is. You don’t give a damn about how the universe was created. You’re not that curious. As a matter of fact you’re not curious at all. You believe a god created the universe (in 7 days!) because that’s the only option that lets you save yourself in the end. You don’t like the idea of a cosmic explosion because it doesn't allow for your immortality.

The big bang theory tells you that you’re just a bunch of molecules organized into thinking organic matter that will, unfortunately, since it follows the laws of entropy, dissolve into the bigger bubble of the universe and you just hate that, don’t you?

Let me ask you a question. If God had only created the universe but wouldn't give you eternal life, would you believe in that God?

If your answer is yes, you’re stating that the theory you prefer to explain the existence of the universe is that it was created by a supreme being. I might disagree with you, but if you don't go further than that, I can respect you since I don't detect any self-indulgence or self-interest on your part. I have my theory. You have yours. Vive la différence.

If your answer is no, that you could not believe in a creed that did not have an afterlife, then it’s about time you look deeper inside yourself for what motivates your belief.

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Comment by Philippe on March 21, 2010 at 7:34am
Actually you're right! I recently met a woman, who used to be presbyterian minister and she doesn't give a shit about other people. All she sees in others are that they are tools that her god is using to make a life better and more pleasant! She's been obsessed all her life by things she never had, money, power and status, and today as a senior citizens she's bitter and totally incapable to look at other humans are real entities with their own will and purpose. She truly, truly believes that when a human is good to her it's because he's been used by her god who's the one doing good to her. One of the worse religious freaks I've seen.
Comment by Tom Thompson on March 20, 2010 at 10:02am
You nail an important point. But don't stop there. Religionists don't just not care about how the universe happened. They also don't really care about other people (e.g. rights of fertilized egg are greater than those of an adult?), the planet (rapture or apocalypse makes it moot), or anything else that matters. How can you when you believe all people are sinners and this life isn't worth shit.

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