The danger of Islam over other religions

I may be misinformed here but my take on Islam is that it is the 'One true religion' and its followers have a duty to convert kaffirs or declare jihad on them (whatever the interpretation of that is). It is that black and white. As for apostates, I know of no other religion where some factions advocate death.

Faith schools and religious segregation are allowed and encouraged by this government and Madrasses are being set up all over the place. I have learned about fundie christian groups, particularly in America but this fundementalist blind faith of Islam is being enforced in every town and city in this country. If you teach people not to question or to apply logic and reason, you are making succeptable to being brainwashed further down the road by whoever gets hold of them.

The UN has passed a resolution against religious defamation and look what Ireland has put in place. Religious indoctrination is attracting protection and validation like never before when there should be some kind of redress of the balance, or at least a core curriculum covering all religion and none. I feel so sorry for the poor children who are force fed dogma until they are unable to think for themselves.

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Comment by Micheal on April 18, 2010 at 7:43am
ooooooooops i meant here
Comment by Micheal on April 18, 2010 at 7:41am
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Comment by QM - [Mr. Molotov] on April 17, 2010 at 2:43pm
The 'one true religion' idea, in my opinion would hold true probably for all religions. I mean that a follower of a certain religious idea would be following it because he or she believes it to be the true one. And I think the same would apply to all the schisms within Islam. I was obviously taught that the same thing (I was raised as a Sunni Muslim).

At the risk of sounding like an apologist (which I am certainly not) the major threat at the moment does come from the Salafi school of thought (sub sect of Sunni school) which is followed by members of Al-Qaeda and company. However, most schisms do agree on certain things like death for apostasy, forming a Muslim rule over the entire world and that it is a religious duty of every Muslim to spread the message of Islam (they might disagree on what tactic to use). I would not agree that convert or kill is a modern phenomenon as such since it was used quite often after Islam had established itself in Arabia and in the life of Mohammad.

As for the UN resolution, it is quite absurd and upsetting. The resolution is proposed by Pakistan (my home country) which has a pretty pathetic human rights record of it own and where there is blatant discrimination against religious minorities. And now they have UN's blessing to commit human rights atrocities because criticizing it would mean violation of religious freedom.

Just a thought, does that mean Muslims can now carry out anti-semitic activities under auspices of UN because Islam tells them that they should prosecute and kill all Jews?
Comment by Prog Rock Girl on April 16, 2010 at 3:52pm
I am not sure if the UN resolution actually has power or if it is more symbolic. I always said the UN is only as good as the countries that make it up and that includes plenty of Islamic countries. The defamation laws are a huge blow to free speech--basically they give special protection to religions (Islam putting down other groups is sometimes treated like it's just their free exercise of religion) and it creates an atmosphere of infallibility. In some cases, telling the truth, even quoting the Quran is considered defamatory (usually truth is a defense in defamation cases.)

I'm wondering if there is any historical precedent in which a civilization was conquered simply b/c it valued pluralism and decided the most important thing was to accommodate and tolerate the intolerant.

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