What evidence Muslims use to prove that Islam is true

I have mentioned many times here on Atheist Nexus about the social pressures to conform, and the cult-like nature of tradionalist Islam (isolationist, puritanical, exclusivist, controlling etc), and the many mind-control techniques employed by the religious people to ensure they retain power and the religion survives. However, underlying all this is the assumption that Muslims make that Islam is 'the true religion'. Young Muslim women who wear the veil in the West really do believe that Islam is the true religion and they are pleasing God by following his rules and being chaste in the face of great temptation. Hence, I thought I should show you the evidence that these Muslims use to prove that their religion is the true religion. Here is an answer to this question given by a highly eminent scholar of the Deobandi sect of Islam (followed by most Indians, Pakistanis and Afghanis). The scholar named Mufti Ebrahim Desai runs a very popular website and is based in South Africa.

Fatwa # 11562 from New Zealand Date: Wednesday, May 12th 2004
Category: Inviting to Islam
How can we be 100% sure that Islam is the right religion?
The answer to this question is quite lengthy. It is more the subject matter of an entire volume rather than the work of a few pages. Nevertheless, we will provide with some directives which will, Insha Allah, enable you to realise your quest. Firstly, if we have to analyse the religions existing, not one of them has the universal appeal of Islam wherein every race, every nationality is accepted without prejudice. Secondly, not one of them appeals to the logic of man in the way Islam does, setting out the facts of life in such a manner which delights the rational mind. Look at Christianity, with its confusing belief of trinity, that three is one and one is three. Look at their Bible, yearly it is edited and changed to conform to the demands of the everchanging trends of mankind. What type of revelation is this? Then, we look at Judaism. One look at the structure of this religion is enough to show that it cannot be the true religion of God. Why? Because Judaism is a religion open only to a selected few. You have to be born a Jew in order to be a Jew. Conversion is possible, but only if they decide to accept you which is quite rare. There is no universal call in this religion. How can the religion that the Creator chose for his creation only cater for a selected few? Hinduism, with its complex systems of gods and godlings, idols, etc. The rationale mind rejects this. In fact, just take a look at their temples. The images of the deities are so horrific that it confounds the minds as to how one can worship such things. It is only Allah who allows one to see the light. Similarly, one may look at any religion and you will definitely find it flawed, with the sole exception of Islam. so masterfully preserved are its teachings that this alone shows the hand of God behind it. The shining glory to erase any doubt is none other than the magnificence of the noble Qur'aan, the word of God! Nabi [Sallallahu Alayhi Wasallam] said, "All of the prophets were given such miracles as inspired people to believe. And the miracle that I have been given is the Qur'aan." (Bukhari) What are those features of the Qur'aan which prove it to be the word of God? There are many but we shall refer only a few. The ultimate challenge which the Qur'aan has placed before mankind 1400 years ago "and if you are in doubt of what we have revealed to our servant, produce one chapter comparable to it. Call upon your helpers besides God to assist you, if what you say is true." (Qur'aan 2:23) Needless to say, this challenge has not to this day been met. Many have tried all have met with failure, proving the divine origin of the Qur'aan. Then is pristine purity in which the Qur'aan has reached us. Not one word, nay even a letter has been changed since its revelation. Then there are the many predictions of the Qur'aan which have turned exactly as predicted, pointing again to the divine imprint of such a being whose knowledge is all encompassing. Furthermore, how many scientific, medical and astronomical facts are mentioned in the Qur'aan, the knowledge of which was non-existent at the time of its revelation. These are but brief facts alluding to its divine origin. For more detail on this subject refer to "God Arises" by Ml. Wahiduddin Khan, "the Bible, Qur'aan and Science" by Maurice Bucaille and "Al-Qur'aan The Miracle of Miracles" by Ahmed Deedat amongst many other books. We have hope that this will set your heart at rest. and Allah Ta'ala Knows Best
Mufti Ebrahim Desai

As you can see the answer is not very impressive at all. Muslims are very quick to poke holes in scientific evidence such as the theory of evolution or point out the improbability of the first life-form emerging spontaneously, or science's lack of knowledge as to the cause of the big-bang etc, but when Muslims are asked to present positive evidence supporting their claim that Islam is true, they say "look at the Qur'aan, it's just amazing isn't it". For a start, it's not amazing at all. For a second, this is not evidence at all for such an absurd and preposterous claim. They not only have to prove that God exists, but also that God is a personal God who sent prophets and cares about what we do, and answers prayers etc. Muslims hold a vast plethora of absurd beliefs such as:
To the Muslims I say: with all due respect, if you want me to believe all this, please provide some proper scientific evidence for each and every one of these claims. Of course, these claims are so absurd that there's not a hope in hell that any of these can be proven, but somehow believers can fool themselves into believing them.

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Comment by H.Q. on July 25, 2010 at 6:48pm
oh and the one about Mohammeds description of the waves. a sailor had asked if the author of the Quran was a sailor and he was told no , he wasn't. hence the sailor was convinced it was the word of god because no one who hadn't seen the sea could describe it so well .
like i said, as soon as i get a computer desk i got some links to add . i found this anti Quran site that challenged the Quran being holy simply because it described embryology when there was *no scientific evidence for it then* the site attempts to disprove this, not that it would be taken in at all by muslims.
anybody know the full story about the moon splitting in half ? its mentioned in the quran and i was told once that this scientist or was it astronomer? converted to islam because the moon splitting in half was the only explanation for what seemed to look like a crack. i was told this back when i was in limbo ( not muslim not athiest) and it i cant remember the full story there .
Comment by Sameer on July 1, 2010 at 2:08am
If you ask proof about their religion..Always they talk about their Story book (Quran) :)
Comment by Murtad Fitri on April 19, 2010 at 5:19am
T.A. Dahar,
I agree. That is another unimpressive claim that Muslims make. We know from Muslim sources that the Arabs at the time were very poetic and could conjure words of poetry very easily. And anyway, Muhammad dictated his revelations for others to write down, so being illiterate isn't really a handicap to produce poetic verses.



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