Why it’s great to be a fundamentalist.

Very often these days fundamentalists get a very hard time because of their extremist views and are practically demonised by moderates across the political spectrum as well as each other. But very few of these chastisers have
actually even tried to look at the fundamentalist point of view and find any
positives in it. What we never hear about fundamentalism are the tremendous
advantages to it. So I want to outline these.

One of the biggest advantages to fundamentalist thought is that it makes you feel terrific. Rather than having to think for hours about a problem trying in vain to find a moderates answer as to its cause which will probably
give you a paradoxical counterintuitive answer, an answer is provided to you
that is simple to accept and easy to understand because it can be said as a
series of slogans or one liners. The answer is your list of enemies. Every fundamentalist
or extremist group has this list. What’s on the list varies on the group, for
fundamentalist or militant atheists there’s a large selection to choose from
including the pope, the Irish constitution,
the education system, the various churches , the political parties on
the right , agnostics and moderates. As a fundamentalist Christian there’s also
a large choice including there’s Richard Dawkins, the secular agenda, the
media, the gays, the pro choice movement, Muslims, the labour party and
moderates. All you have to do for any problem is pick a group from your list
and the problem has a cause. Case in point the Vatican had a problem with the
international child abuse scandal but you know it was ok because the problem
was gays in the church. It’s simple, it’s easy, it makes perfect sense and it wasn’t
the churches fault at all. Problem solved right? Now how about we forget about
it and focus on that bothersome volcano in Iceland. Maybe we can blame that on
the scandalous clothing women are wearing these days. It worked for Iran with their
earthquakes. The best part of having these enemies to blame everything on is
that yes you can blame everything on them. You can be as nasty as you like to
your chosen enemy safe in the knowledge that its morally justified, that god or
righteousness or truth is on your side And
if all the world’s problems are the result of your enemies then logically you are
the cause of no problems at all, and that is a wonderful feeling.

The second great advantage to being a fundamentalist is that no one can publicly insult you. Sure in small groups liberals might despair at their perception of your views but can they reach a wider audience? No! Why? Because the moment they try to use a paper or national television or any other medium to
advance the idea that you're insane all you have to do is threaten a lawsuit or
claim persecution and the media will censor this person without a second
thought. This happened to a moderate liberal I know quite recently and now the extremist
has had the article removed and is quite happy with himself. He’s the second coming
of Christ don’t you know. After all his and your views are obviously important
enough to deserve special protection if not outright state support and anyone
who doesn’t like it doesn’t matter at all.

So if you’re an angry indignant closed minded person anyway with a narrow world view. Contact your extremist group. There’s one for every form of extremism including yours and a lot of them are online now as well. You
can convince everyone that if it wasn’t for these enemies you would be courteous
and rational and you can be sure that the media will restrict the speech of
everyone who tries to point out that you’re actually an insane schizoid in need
of some serious therapy. If you’re not though then maybe we ought to be doing
something to change the environment that allows these people to thrive.

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Comment by Prog Rock Girl on January 11, 2011 at 8:32pm

Another great thing about being a fundamentalist: you get that whole feeling of fighting against something. Which can make a person angry, but some people actually miss that feeling when they are out of an environment they are fighting against. Westboro certainly loves it.


John: yes I would. Political extremists can be about the same.

Comment by Cian on January 11, 2011 at 7:24pm
anarchy is something i dont think would work anyway and i often find myself wondering if the term fundamentalist atheist actually means anything because i dont think you could really discribe an atheist as fundamentalist because we dont adhere to a single set of principals, there is such a thing as radical atheism though
Comment by Cian on April 21, 2010 at 10:08am
i would probably include most forms of extreamism. its basicly a satirical piece i wrote because a friend of mine is being harassed by a guy using several false email accounts because she used one of his false names in an article she wrote about atheism which the group she wrote it for has taken down because of the whole situation. rather insane to be honest



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