In some way, I envy the born-agains

I've always been fascinated by born-agains. They usually are sad people, who live a miserable life and hate themselves. They want to make a change to their life, but never have the motivation to do it themselves. Once they find out about this Christ character, that like a genie he can wave a magic wand and wipe away all the wrong things they did in their lives by just accepting him as there personal 'savior' they can feel guilt free. Murderer? Cheated on your husband? Drunk and beat your kids or wife? Not anymore! Just say that you accept Jesus and sweep it under the rug. The Jesus rug covers all.
They eventually get a strong sense of bliss after doing this. Like their lives was a jigsaw puzzle and they just found the lost piece and everything makes sense. They get accepted by people, loved even just for saying some silly words and believing in this 2,000 year old zombie that some how is his own father...
Some of these people are still the same sad people they were before they 'accepted Christ". They still drink, they hit their wives and still are men who are attracted to other men. They either hide it or lie to themselves that it is some how OK. They go around and pretend they are changed people because they need to, since they are mentally too weak to change for themselves, they are dependent on other people.
Really, though its all fake. Just because it makes your life temporarily better doesn't mean its a good thing. Does the sober man envy the drunk man because he's happy? Maybe a little bit, but there is always that hangover in the morning. Just like the religious man's facade of happiness and purity will come crashing down once something challenges it.
When I was younger, I attended my friend's church a few times. To my surprise I had fun. The people were so nice and respectful. A lot of them seemed ecstatically happy. But once I got closer to one of them, I realized it was a front. She was one of the saddest, most miserable people I knew. She was walking a thin line between sanity and mental illness. She did drugs from time to time, had bouts of irresponsible and casual sex and always came crawling on her knees to Christ, the only father figure in her life. She felt like Jesus hadn't let her down, only because he couldn't. The only real contact she had with him was a feeling she got in church when she spoke in tongues in frenzied state on the floor. I know not all religious people are like this, but I think many of them wonder from time to time if they are just lying to themselves or cling to a religion for some sort of mental stablity.
Anyways, I just felt like writing down this drivel. Hope you didn't mind.

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Comment by Martin Allen on May 3, 2010 at 11:39pm
Comment by Hekate Moon on May 3, 2010 at 11:15pm
yes! you don't have to explain anything or need an education since the answer to everything is ultimately "God dunnit" I often wonder why people give into such intellectual laziness and are afraid to just think and ponder things.
Comment by Loren Miller on May 3, 2010 at 10:07pm
I don't mind at all, so no worries.

Ultimately, christianity is the easy way out and in at least two venues I can think of:

1. No responsibility - give your life to Jebus and you're all good

2. No need to learn - god did it, I believe it, that settles it

You get to be fat, dumb and happy and your deity approves of it all ... which is fine if you want to be stupid ... and apparently, a LOT of people have no problem at all with that.

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