No More Free Ning and Atheist Nexus future...

I didn't see any FAQ or news item address this yet, but I have heard that Ning is transitioning from a free network to a pay network, and I was wondering what will be the fate of Atheist Nexus? I'm unemployed at the moment so this is no trivial matter for me. Are the A|N administrators happy with the Ning decision, indifferent, what? Is the plan to stick it out with Ning, or move to a different free (to end users) service? Or should A|N members plan to pony up $3 a year to continue participating in the Nexus? I'm not sure that I can if that's the case.

If I were in a more isolated, more heavily religious area I might pay up, but where I live near Houston, Texas has a reasonably large group of Atheist Meetups, the Houston Church of Freethought, Humanists of Houston, et. al.

I don't log in as much now as I did when I first joined, I'll admit.

I still like Atheist Nexus, there are times when you just want to say something and only want fellow atheists to hear.

I joined Ning on a whim last year, before I even knew A|N existed.

BTW, what's up with Atheist News? No new episode in quite some time, and just a teaser mini-sode for Chariots of Iron...what's up with that?

Also been patiently waiting for the next Non-Prophets Radio podcast out of Austin, TX, but I know Matt & the gang have been busy traveling, etc.

Anyway, if anyone has heard anything about how Ning's shift is going to impact A|N, please post a reply.

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Comment by Steph S. on February 11, 2012 at 12:45am
I love the Non- Prophets too!



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