A high school barred eighteen students from their high school prom because their garments didn't meet their 'community standards.' Whilst the standards were a bit weird in a christian nutcase fear of human flesh sort of way, the torture for failing to keep those dangerous girl thighs and girl sternums fully covered was to allow them a choice: Be suspended from their education for three days (why do christians hate education?) or be paddled. As best I can make out, the local version of paddling is administered on the victim's rear end.

A question about a society that punishes people for a dress code violation by either giving them an educational disadvantage OR committing violence against their body comes to mind: Why?

Let's consider the possibilities for this community of christian deludes in Alabama, somewhere below the bible belt, down in the bible underwear. The dress code rules are a way to force conformity on their children. Failure to conform is met with punishments that are not designed to prevent repeat behavior (you only get one prom) but to take revenge on those who fail to obey and comply with the homodoxy of their religiously inspired dress codes. If you bar a student from their prom, you have punished them already. To then refuse them a part of their education OR to physically torture them is absurd and obscene.

Just another reason that religious myths and legends are no way to run a modern society.

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Comment by Tom Thompson on June 2, 2010 at 8:00pm
Miss 3 days of school or accept a beating? Seriously? Gee...let me think about it for a bit...

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