Mormons are Perfectly Content to be Dishonest With Themselves

Mormonism has a holy book, much like the bible, which they consider the "keystone of their religion". This is the Book of Mormon (BoM). They claim, and have claimed all along, that if this book is true then the church is true. If it is false, then the church is false. They have always been willing to state this, though they obviously do not mean it...because modern technology has proven the claims of the Book of Mormon are not true. Based on the bold claims, you would think that Mormons everywhere would heed the statements by their earlier leaders and resolve that the entire church is not true given the evidence. Nope...not only are the sticking to the church, they are sticking to the BoM too. Doing so shows them to be perfectly willing to be dishonest with themselves.

They believe that this book is the story of a group of Hebrews who migrated to the Americas (pre-Christ) under the direction of god. Some of the people flourished in the story, and the result was that the Native Americans were the remnants of these people. The book was translated by Joseph Smith in the early days of the church, allegedly after being given to him by an angel, using the power of god to translate. Joseph Smith, Brigham Young, and other Mormon "prophets" have confirmed this view of the Native Americans as absolutely being the remnants of the BoM people. They made missionary efforts and even have revelations where god himself allegedly calls the native Americans, Lamanites...the name for the remaining people in the BoM. Church history books were replete with these stories, showing paintings of Joseph preaching to Indians while calling them Lamanites, and referring to the "revelations".

Before we get to the real damning evidence against the BoM, there were already problems. One is that the BoM geography does not match any real place on earth. There are detailed descriptions of places that do not exist. This alone would seem to be enough to make it questionable. After all, the places described in the bible actually do exist. You can read about someone travelling on a road between two cities, and those cities and even the road did exist, and may still exist. Not so with the BoM. Not one geographic description can be matched up to a real place. At all. In the early 1800s, when travel and communication were still fairly primitive (and photography did not exist), this may have seemed like a real description. But today, when we can take satellite photographs and use them to find anything that even remotely resembles the geography, it requires a good explanation as to why none of these places can be found. And conversely, why very prominent geographic features are not mentioned in the BoM.

Another big gaff on the part of the BoM is the inclusion of King James Version bible verses. The BoM tells of the people obtaining a set of plates prior to leaving Jerusalem that have the books of the OT (to that date) on them. In the second book of the BoM, the first "prophet" recording information decides to copy entire chapters from Isaiah wholesale into his book. The problem is, they are the King James version of the verses. The logical conclusion is that Joe Smith did not understand the history of the translation of the bible, and did not see the obvious problem. He just copied the verses from his King James bible. The verses he was allegedly translating from a book written 2500 years ago, were verbatim copies of the version translated for the King of England in the 1500s. Ooops. Mormon apologists claim that god did this intentionally because it is the version that the people knew best. However, just a few years later, the revised standard version would soon replace the KJV in popularity, so one would think that if god was looking to make it familiar to the people he would have gone for the easier to understand version. AND...the worst part is that the translation errors that the 1500s translators made, carried over into the BoM. So, the premise is that god gave Joe Smith an old English translation of the bible, and he chose to include the mistakes that the old English translators made, rather than rectify them. Also...the Book of Mormon has old English contained in its other pages as well. Often we find the writer obviously trying to make the BoM verses sound like the KJV bible by inserting old English words here and there (thee and thus and such). And doing a poor job of it, since they do not understand the proper usage and conjugation of the old English words. So, again, god gave Joe a translation of scripture that contained a few old English terms (and other times more modern English consistency in this), and those terms are used grammatically incorrect?

Biblical scholars have obviously put a lot of study into Isaiah. They have, outside of any examination of Mormonism, determined that much of Isaiah was written after the fall of Israel. While this is not hard cold fact, the scholars have some very compelling and plausible reasons, based on what Isaiah is speaking about. The BoM was supposed to be an account of people who were told to leave Jerusalem before Israel fell. They allegedly took the plates that contained Isaiah's writings and off they went. How then could the BoM have entire chapters that almost all biblical scholars believe were written after the fall of Jerusalem, and therefore after the people in the BoM allegedly left? Again, the timeline of these biblical chapters was not as well known back in Joe Smith's time, so he would not have understood his mistake. But it is there. Entire chapters that were not written, chronologically speaking, until after the people of the BoM had left and arrived in the Americas were somehow contained in the BoM.

Given what the Mormons have said about their precious Book of Mormon, it would seem that the above issues would make them pause and consider their beliefs more carefully. Especially considering the confident proclamation that if the book is not true, then the church is not true. What they do not say is that no matter what anyone is able to say or prove, they will never admit the book is false, thus making their statement meaningless. "If the Book of Mormon is true, then the church is true...if the Book of Mormon is false, then the church is false...however, no matter what, we will never accept that the Book of Mormon is false, no matter how much it can be proven." Then they put their fingers in their ears and scream "LA LA LA".

BYU and the U of Utah both became very involved in DNA testing in the early days of the science. After all, they just knew that the Native Americans were going to prove to be the descendants of Hebrews. Many of the more science minded Mormons (I know, but give them a break) were very animated in this pursuit. As the science became more and more advanced, it was apparent that finally they would prove their Book of Mormon. The Native Americans were going to be Hebrew descendants and the world would have to offer apologies to the poor, misjudged Mormons. But that is not what happened. DNA science has concluded that Native Americans are of Asiatic descent, not any Hebrew in them at all. Nowhere. There has not been one case found where a Native American has any traces at all of Hebrew in them.

Let me state that all by itself: No Native Americans anywhere have any Hebrew ancestry in them, unless it was within the last few generations. All Native American peoples are very concretely traced back to Asia and the land bridge.

What we are left with is the Book of Mormon's most basic premise being false. Utterly false. The fact that Hebrews did not populate this continent proves the book wrong right from the beginning. If the Native Americans are not descended from Hebrews, then the book is wrong and therefore the church is false...based on their own bold proclamation. It also makes their God, Joe Smith and a bunch of other modern "prophets' false and fabricated since they all claimed that the Lamanites from the BoM were the Native Americans.
And still the Mormons cling to their belief. The statement about true and false was not really something they meant. They are willing to ignore the truth, claiming that the DNA sciences are flawed, not the teachings of their god. Oh, they will use DNA to solve crimes, convict people and even execute them...but they will denounce the entire science when it comes to the Native American question. This simply proves them to be the worst kind of dishonest.

Most Mormons will not even hear these contentions. The church tells it's members to stay away from anything anti-Mormon, because it all comes from Satan trying to tear down God's kingdom. Never mind that if their god is all that, why would his truth not stand up against the attempts of Satan. That kind of view makes their god look weak and petty. What they are saying is, Satan uses truth to tear down the lies of god. Really...that is the only way to summarize it. What god has said is a lie, and the truth is being blamed on Satan. But Mormons just plug their ears, read their books all weepy eyed over the truth and power of it all...even though it has already been proven to be a lie...therefore making their church a lie also, based on their own statements.

There is actually one more nail in their coffin, though it has existed for years. Nothing new, and yet it would be revelation to most Mormons who bury their heads in the sand and avoid truth like the plague.

This story proves that Joe Smith was always looking for angle to scam people. A travelling carnival and sideshow came through and Joe purchased a mummy from the carnival. He claimed that the writings on the mummy's casing were of great importance. He concluded that it was a book written by Moses. He "translated", alklegedly with the power of god, and produced a volume of scripture called the Pearl of Great Price (PoGP) which is currently considered scripture by Mormons. At the time, no one was able to translate Egyptian hieroglyphics. Can we get another Ooops for old Joe?

Joe made copies of portions of the writings, and the mummy was put in storage. After the Mormons were ran out of Illinois, (Joe being killed) the mummy ended up in storage in Chicago. The church believed the mummy to be destroyed in the Chicago fire, but it was not. It was found and taken to the museum (where it currently resides). And something else had happened in the meantime. The Rosetta Stone had been discovered. We could now translate hieroglyphics quite accurately. The mummy...both the actual writings on the mummy and the copies of the writings Joe had made...proved to simply be a normal run of the mill mummy. The writings were not holy, they were the typical fare for people being buried at the time. Nothing at all about Moses or Abraham or the Hebrews, or the Hebrew god...though it did talk about the various Egyptian gods, as would be expected.

While this does not prove the Book of Mormon false in and of does show Joe Smith to be a liar. Someone willing to deceive his followers for his own gain. It must also be pointed out that the temple endowments, services that only the true followers can attend (yes, ole Huffy has been through many, having been a temple going Mormon for many years), is primarily based on this account of Moses. Without the Pearl of Great Price, there is no temple ceremony. The Pearl of Great Price has been proven to be a sham already. Though the Mormons would rather deny truth in order to maintain their false beliefs.

You see, the Mormon Church's entire existence is built on lies and shams. Public records show Joe Smith was practically a con man (he was a treasure in buried treasure...he used divining sticks and other such tools to scam his victims). He was convicted of being so prior to any claims about the church. It was this con man who produced the Book of Mormon. Based on the technology and knowledge of the time, it could not be proven false. There was no way to refute the claims. Today we have absolute evidence that can, at the very least, prove the most basic claims of the book wrong, thus making the Mormons god either stupid or false. And even though the Mormons claim to be lovers of truth...and they have claimed as long as they have existed that the church's entire truth rests upon the validity of the Book of Mormon...they remain in the fold showing their willingness to be completely dishonest with themselves in order to continue to keep believing some 19th century con man that has duped them all, and good.

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Comment by Gabby on June 14, 2010 at 6:38pm
The episode South Park did on the Mormon Church is a classic. I just had to throw that one out there for those of you who've never seen it. it is priceless.
Comment by Herk on June 13, 2010 at 6:29pm
Some clarifications:

It was not a mummy that Joe translated, it was a funeral scroll, and it's referred to as the Book of Abraham. There were also mummies in the traveling exhibition. Of course, it has nothing to do with Abraham, being only about 2,000 years old. This was thought to be lost in a fire but fragments turned up in the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

In addition to horses, Joe alluded to compasses, wheeled chariots, elephants, steel swords, silk and other things that did not exist in the Americas. This can be found in 2 Nephi, for those Mormons who might read this and know nothing of their own religion.

When the missionaries come to your door, ask them about the seer stones, the Urim and Thummim, and translating the golden plates by peering at the stones in a hat. They will claim they have no idea what you're talking about. Mention all of Joe Smith's wives, some of whom were already married and as at least as young as 16. Missionaries are supposed to give you milk before meat, meaning they either don't know or won't tell you a lot of details of Mormonism that are damning.

Recommended read: The Mormon Cult
Comment by Gary Huckleberry on June 11, 2010 at 11:04am
Theism is just a perfect example of blind love. And so, .... faith...
Comment by Larry Huffman on June 11, 2010 at 10:29am
Lindsey, I did not forget them, I just wanted to end the post a few pages sooner. :-)

You are right. To start with...the people in the BoM rode horses. Horses were not native to this continent at all. Of course, Joe Smith did not know this. By the time he was around there were feral horses...the Spanish introduced into the west. He saw wild horses and was not smart enough to research.

Want to hear something funny about this? As it turns out, there were horse-like creatures found in the La Brea tar pits. Sooo some mormons...who will denounce the fossil record because of the implications it has on creation...willl also use the fossil record to somehow show that the creature in the tar pits was a predecessor of the horse. Of course, that does not really work because the fact remains, there were no horses here until the Spanish brought them.

Also, in the BoM the people crafted with bronze. There is no evidence whatsoever of the natives in this hemisphere having that kind of technological ability.

And finally...the size that the BoM claims these societies were is just unbelievable. The Lamanites at one point in the BoM would have been the largest nation on earth, based on the account. There would most certainly be evidence of that. I heard one person point out the it equated with a civilization the size of Rome at about the same time as Rome. And there is no evidence of it? No society that large can exist on the planet and not leave traces that are identifiable. Look at the footprint Rome left on the earth...this society would have to have done the same. Instead...nothing. There are no signs at all that anything like that existed. Oh...we have evidence of other societies, but they are not the ones listed in the BoM, that is obvious.

As for the translation...yes, a very funny account, actually. Joseph has a thing for seer stones, though. The accounts of him prior to the church counted him as a treasurehunter, which is basically a con man. Those accounts mention him using divinging sticks and seer stones. There are actually account sof seer stoens being taken seriously by the church later on...some accounts recorded in the D&C are ridiculous.
Comment by Lindsey S. on June 10, 2010 at 11:01pm
You forgot all of the big cities for which no evidence has ever been found and the fact that the book mentions lots of plants and animals that didn't exist before the europeans brought them over.

Not to mention the fact that their prophet "translated" their holy text by looking at magical seer stones in the bottom of a hat.

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