It seems that everywhere I go these days I am being beseeched by someone or something. It used to be that other than the random bum on the corner, the only time I would be harassed was from the government in the form of taxes or other types of theft, but lately it seems like I can’t go anywhere without being besought . I had become accustomed to the bum on the corner with the “I will work for food” sign in hand and the occasional parking lot confrontation of “hey brother can you spare a dollar?” but lately the begging has elevated to a whole new level to include even that of the corporate world. Today it is not possible to go anywhere without being beseeched in some way.

This was all highlighted on a trip to town I made recently. I had taken a day off from work because I needed to take care of several things that could only be done during business hours. I left my home early in the morning and made my first stop at a gas station to fill up before traveling to the stops I needed to make. I had just gotten out of my car when I was approached by a man asking me if I had any spare change he could have for gas. I reached in my pocket and dropped the small amount of change I had into his awaiting hand. He then thanked me and blessed me with the fortunes of a deity that he must have believed would bring me good luck even though this god obviously never blessed him with good fortune, I smiled and went about my day.

My next stop was the bank; I needed to withdrawal some fiat money to pay a few bills. As I left the bank to get into my car I was again approached by a man asking could I spare a few bucks for food. Having just left the bank with fake Federal Reserve Notes in hand I felt generous and handed him a few of them and walked towards my car. Once again I was blessed with the good fortunes of his god with the traditional “god bless you” as I walked away. As I drove away I could not help but wonder why these misfortunate people always seem to want to bless others with the same "good fortunes" that their deity bestowed upon them. Having been doubly blessed for the day, I could now finish my day.

I went about my day focusing on the business I needed to take care of and not giving much more thought to the earlier events of the day until lunch time when I stopped for a bite to eat. Not having a lot of time I decided to get something fast so I could be on my way and finish my business and get home before rush hour traffic. I stopped at a Taco Bell, not because I am particularly fond of their food, but because it was the first place a spotted while driving and I knew it would be quick. I had just finished placing my order when I was asked if I would like to donate a dollar to the “insert cause here” fund. Not wanting to feel like a cold hearted prick, I said sure I will give a dollar to the Save the “insert cause here” Fund and after enjoying my #7 value meal I was once again on my way.

After a few more stops I had finished my errands and decided to stop at the grocery store for a few things before trying to beat the rush hour traffic and going home. As I exited my vehicle I was once again approached by a man with his palm turned upward asking if I could spare some change. Once again I reached into my pocket and deposited the loose change I had collected during the day, and once again I was blessed with all the "good fortunes" he had received from his faux god.

I quickly went about my shopping still trying to get home before the traffic nightmare that I knew awaited me if I did not hurry. Having everything I needed I made it to the register to pay for my purchases. After it was totaled I was asked if I would like to donate to the “Cure for “insert disease here” Fund. Once again not wanting to be the only guy who was not willing to help find the cure for “insert disease here” I said “sure count me in” and I quickly made it to my car in hopes I still could beat the traffic.

Once at my car, I was again approached by a man with his palm held upward asking could I spare some change. Not having any change and being in a hurry I quickly replied no and got into my car (not receiving any blessings from his deity of course) and drove away. Just barely beating the rush hour traffic I made it home and attempted to make it inside before being accosted by anyone else. As luck would have it I made it in to my home, locked the door and retired for the evening…maybe all those faux god blessings during the day worked after all.

Thinking I had endured all the begging I would have to endure for the day I turned on the television only to once again be pandered by a commercial asking me to please give to the Save the “insert cause here” Fund. I turned the television off and went to bed, the only place it would seem to be truly safe anymore. It is no longer possible to go anywhere without being pandered or beseeched in some form or another. It has become so bad that I may need to start my own cause to pay for all the causes that I am expected to fund.

I am thinking of starting the “Save Mike Wasdin Fund”…hey brother can you spare a buck?

© Copyright 2010 Mike Wasdin

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Comment by Earther on July 8, 2010 at 3:03pm
Worms never ask for a dollar. What is my point? I too have given money and have had to say no. I think I try to think of giving as my personal source available when I feel like it is right for me or if it is an emergency. I think as a whole society here in America at least we lack support in mental health care and education. This does not mean if we had it it would solve all the pandering there is but we could do a better job. I hope you never have to start the stop the pandering fund. We may have to start the "Stop the neglectful use of tax money fund".



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