Is there competition between churches, faiths, etc. to be the craziest?

Is there conversations where a group of religious people say about another group of people that what the 2nd group is currently doing is crazy, but they should be doing "this variation of crazy" instead?

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Comment by Sicile on July 13, 2010 at 1:56am
Ya Betcha! My grandmother always talked about the Christian Scientists and how crazy they were not to go to doctors. My first trip to her penticostal church consisted of seeing long-haired women fall out on the floor, screaming and blabbering in some weird language, and laying hands on each other. And they always talked about the Baptists (what we were) not "feeling the spirit" enough. Baptists couldn't believe those Penticostals and their dresses and long hair, but we wouldn't let someone join the church until they had been completely "dunked" in a baptist church. It was just "crazy" competition!



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