I will explain. I am almost 35years old and my mother is 54 today, unfortunately not only is it her birthday but is also but the one year anniversary of the day we buried my father. Since then me and my mother adebate/argue about religion specifically the fact that I do not believe in the Christian God (protestant). So today I bought her a bible ....on CD.
I have read the Bible several times, along with the countless lost books of the bible. I really think that after I was half way through the first time I was pretty convined it was fiction and if it wasn't it was disturbing and in no way was God the same, as my Image I had with my childhood church. To be honest I read it the second time casue I had the fear that Satan was tricking me and filling my head with lies, but I started thinking what jerk this God is I could care less if I am wrong I can't hide the fact that I think hes the biggest bully ever, I mean he would know right? I also wondered if he is all knowing, why did he make us to fail so he could make others suffer for along time, and why did he need to make a living image of himself to forgive us for his sins why can't he just forgive us? Before he made Adam and eve he knew that Lucifer would ....oh nevermind you get my point. After reading the Bible I started questioning my faith and ultimately it was the opening of my mind to the reality of reason. I suspect my mother has the hope to be with my father in heaven some day, I can understand that. Last month after a bit of a discussion I asked her if she had read the bible and she had told me no just parts of it. So here is a gift that either way is going to benefit her, she gets to have her bible read to her and I get the oppurtunity to help her follow the path to reason. So today I bought a BIble!

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Comment by SecularBob on July 28, 2010 at 10:15am
Hey can I get a copy! That would make it reading it the third time cover to cover even better.
Comment by Lindsey S. on July 28, 2010 at 12:39am
Don't worry, I buy bibles all the time (for 50 cents each at the thrift store). I like to correct the scientific and historical inaccuracies, highlight some of the atrocities, and point out some of the major contradictions in the margins and then donate them back to the thrift store. I know its totally petty, don't judge me! (actually, I've only done it once. But I keep meaning to do it again).
Comment by G. Silva on July 27, 2010 at 7:52pm
I agree with you that the god of the Bible is just as much of a petty, merciless bully as all the other Bronze Age gods. And it's sad and strange to think that some people equate this portrayal of God with a kind, merciful modern God, one who has modern morals. It's as if God evolved but no one noticed.

I heard someone speculate once that the Old Testament god was slain by the New Testament god and that they are two different people. That sounds as realistic as any myth, I suppose.

I hope that if your mother starts to doubt the Bible as she's listening to it, her change of heart happens in a gentle, painless way.

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