Dear Members,

As a new member I want to start a discussion about my field of interest
and I want to give you all some background info of the work I do and
it's ethics and morals I have to deal with as an atheist working with
Christian social workers and Christian institutions.

As you can see in my profile, I am a social worker. I work with mental
deceased cooping with a drug addiction. A.k.a clients
with double-diagnoses. In my field of work I stumble on a lot of
Christian morals like the 12 step program and so on. As a social worker
in Netherlands (and I think all all around the world) I have to work
with Christian institutions. I work for a non-Christian institution
'cause I am against the morals of Christian institutions. It feels like I
have to work with a double agenda. I want to cure the client and still
leave him or her with the freedom to make choice. ("I shall not judge.")

In my education I have done, I had to learn about the history of social
work and the development of the social healthcare. In the history of
social work and the development of the social healthcare, Christian
religion has a great part of the history. The Christian religion party's
(catholic ...and its further ...) arrange the first real health care. Through
the history of social work and the development of the social healthcare
the Christian religion party's change there morals several times. This,
because of the changing morals of it's leaders and the shifting morals
of society's and the new views of the world through the discovery's made
by science.

In the beginning of 1900 in Austria and France Sigmund Freud took the
first steps to understand the human mind with a non medical approach.
The psycho-analysis. It was unorthodox an the work of the devil,
through the eyes of Christians. It's not done to reveal the soul of the
man. His thinking, his sinning and his connection to God. In other
words, It's stands between man and God.

In the years after Freud's approach and findings to understand the
behaviour of mankind and the working of it's brain the psychology made
many different approaches to the human mind. Like Systematic theoretic
approach, Behaviourism and so on.

Now a days the discussion is heated by new findings of a Dutch scientist Ron de Kloet
( ) of causes of stress
in the human brain and it's resistance to stress that it is possible to
cure mental deceased with a drug addiction (double diagnoses) with
medication including the hormone cortisol. Stress is the number one
cause of getting an addiction because it affects a persons cooping level
against problems and so on.

The Christian side of the social healthcare is furious to the use of
medicine who effects the brain on molecular levels. It changes the
gene's and make man non-God made, they say. (Not proven anyway...)

I believe like the finding of the psycho-analysis of Freud more than
hundred years ago that this medicine will be used by Christian
institutions about ten till fifteen years. It's the same way Christians
adopted the car and adopted the revealing that the world is round.

What are Christian morals and ethics when they sail on the waves of
science? What does it say to non-believers? I don't want to judge cause it's not my war they fight...

Please share your opinion...


Wesley van der Linden

p.s. Please take note that my English is not my mother language...

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Comment by wesley van der Linden on August 5, 2010 at 4:39am
Hi Rob!

Your totally right about your tip! As a newbie here I have to find my way on this site. I also found out that blogs are not really suitable for discussions... Thnx for the tip!

I also have troubles understand why certain morals get accepted and other morals don't. I think you can spend a life lasting study on this subject! In my younger days, pff, I am just 27 (the magical year ;) ), I went to bible studies (as you know) and I never had a clear sight on what is accepted and what isn't. In certain ways morals aren't always fully accepted. That makes it harder for me to understand why. It's the same that you had an discussion with the bible-study teacher of the usage of a car. (lol) It was in certain ways approved and in certain ways disproved.

For me, sometimes, I feel lord hypocrite rise up in me when I have discussions with Christians about (there) morals.

It's weird....
Comment by Rob van Senten on August 4, 2010 at 11:51am
Hi Wesley,

Just a slight tip, a discussion might be more suitable if you really wish to discuss. On a blog it's not possible to reply to other people's comments which makes a bit less suitable for discussions.

wesley van der lindenAnother argument I want to give is that certain scientific findings become a 'standard' in society. There is no way around it.

Certain (humanist) principles have also become standard, such as the abolishment of slavery. The Bible clearly allows slavery (and the beating of slaves to within an inch of their lives) but a modern christian will most likely find the enslavement of others as wrong as the next (non-religious) person.

So weird....
Comment by wesley van der Linden on August 4, 2010 at 5:28am
Hi rob,

First of all thnx for commenting my blog!

I agree with your argument. In the upbringing and education Christians and so on, leaves no room to find out what they should believe and think. (In my point of view it's a propaganda-machine... It undermines the development of personal/rational freedom in thinking.)

In my work, I work with Christian social workers. There view on mental deceased with or without a drug addiction is different than the scientific point of view. A Christian social worker works and thinks with 'caritas', the seven morals of Christian charity. It leaves no room to reflect themselves out side there caritas morals. The scientific view and understanding sees the man (in several levels) as a mechanical/biological system. With an certain input a certain output and is in need of factual results. The Christian sees illness as a way to 'cure' it trough God with God. A duty what comes for receiving God's love.

Another argument I want to give is that certain scientific findings become a 'standard' in society. There is no way around it. To keep religion modern it becomes adopted. It's the same way that Christians and so on are against drugs but use medicines to cure themselves. I think the public opinion plays a big part on religion an because of that, it's constantly shifting to be updated. Not to lose members and dignity.

Could you name more?
Comment by Rob van Senten on August 4, 2010 at 3:59am
Hi Wesley,

I wondered a lot about why it is that Christians (and other religious denominations) tend to be more conservative in their opinions then non-religious people. I often thought that it has to do with the fact that religious people tend to trust an authority to tell them what their god expects them to do. They are usually listening to an older person (one or more generations) to find out what they themselves should believe and think.

Maybe that explains why it can take several generations before they accept certain new scientific understandings?

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