Religion as a Sexually Transmitted Disease

Spoke at the Midwest Humanist Conference in Lincoln, NE on Sunday and gave my new presentation, Religion as a Sexually Transmitted Disease. Seemed to go over quite well. I just put a new clip from the presentation up on Youtube. Here is the link:

They had some great speakers including DJ Grothe, Greg Lammers, Dan Barker, but the surprise was Amanda Kneif whose presentation style and content were excellent. I think we may see more of Amanda on the freethinker speakers circuit. She brings a lawyers view on work place issues for atheists. It was informative and entertaining.

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Comment by Jay Walker on August 30, 2010 at 7:01pm
It was great to watch the video, but I was a tad distressed to see the back of my head dominating the bottom of the screen!
Comment by Jay Walker on August 28, 2010 at 1:20pm
I'm looking forward to watching the video. There was so much in your talk that I wanted to remember. I took some notes, but I know that there are some finer points that I missed so I'm excited to be able to go back and watch it again.

You are right, Amanda was excellent! She made a huge impression on me and I hope to get to work with her in the future. Her group, Iowa Atheist and Freethinkers and my group, Omaha Atheists are talking about doing some projects together in the future.

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