This was a facebook post that happened. One of my friends is studying to be a nurse and she updated her status as saying she couldn't believe how anybody could believe in evolution. Her belief is tha…

  • This was a facebook post that happened. One of my friends is studying to be a nurse and she updated her status as saying she couldn't believe how anybody could believe in evolution. Her belief is that the human body is so complex somebody had to create it. This is what ensued.

  • Leslie Really? Even anthropologists can't prove it.
  • Jessica Wayyyyyyy too complex. It really blows my mind how it all works together...
  • MeOh goodness, do we really want to start this? If you truly study the human body you can clearly see that we are not the best made animal to exist. If God really made us in his image, why did he make the owls
    eyes better than ours? Why can an eagle see a mile away? Ours can
    barely see 100 yards away. You really don't want to start this Jess.
  • Joshua God made owls to see at night to clean up the refuge,,meaning rats!!!!stupid!!!! You know any animals that can talk about the meaning of life or the dispute darwin's theory.....darwin was a christian btw.
    Start this...pUleeeeezzz Evolution is the most ridiculous sediment for
    smart men who were petitioned to create the most believable fiction for
    atheists of whom would rather create fiction than seriously debate

  • AbbyYes, exactly!

  • Mewow, my prayers have been answered, oh wait no that was just idiocy

  • Me There is more evidence for evolution in every way than there is for a God. If there is a God may he strike me dead. I know in about 60 years you will all go, "Ha, he died, so God exists.!" That's how Christians
    think. Plus I would rather go to hell than get bored worshiping a
    conceited God. I figure once the human body gets used to pain it
    becomes normal and no longer hurts. At least in hell there will be

  • Leslie Wow Michael you should pick up a Bible and do some research on what all has recently been found to back up the Bible before you make such horribly uneducated and hateful comments!

  • Leslie I really feel sorry for you and your hatred towards God that created you.

  • Me Wow funny. I have actually read the bible cover to cover. Twice. Don't read the bible in parts. Read it cover to cover. That is the
    only way to realize what a bunch of Bullshit it is. You just made a
    horribly uneducated comment by assuming I have never read the Bible. My
    mother used to be a nun, she is very religious. Believe me I know the

  • Me And you just made another hateful statement. Saying you feel sorry for me is just as bigoted as saying you will pray for me. You just
    committed a sin by judging me. Good job Leslie.

  • Leslie
    That's not a hateful comment that is a true statement. I feel sorry for you that you are publicly denying the truth, our creator, our savior.
    Reading the Bible and taking the time to study it and understand it are 2
    totally diff things. I'm...
    human and a sinner as we all are. I hope that God makes his presence in
    your life very apparent to you and that your heart will be open to
    accepting him. I never assumed you haven't read it just suggested you
    spend some time in it and perhaps look into recent findings that have
    been backed up by science. I have no hatred towards you and wish you
    only the best!

    Jess- you should ask your mom who the 2 guest speakers were @ Millcreek that covered all of this. One was a professor
    that taught evolution and the other an atheist who was set out to
    disprove Christianity and in his search found physical things to back up
    the Bible they were both great!
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  • Me How is reading it and studying it not the same thing? I believe when you read something you are in fact studying it.

  • Jess So not true. I read my textbooks every day but I'm not always studying them and retaining or thinking about it.

  • Me Then we read books differently Jess.

  • Leslie
    From a very wise woman-Evolution cannot exist due to the second law of thermodynamics (entropy). Everything goes from order to
    disorder......just use your newly cleaned bedroom as an example; it does
    not evolve into a cleaner room, always ...the opposite.
    Also, evolution cannot be true because it cannot explain the origin of INFORMATION.
    Take the idea of irreducible complexity. A mousetrap for example. It has 5
    parts, and if any part is missing, it doesn't work.
    Now look at a human cell.....just the part of the membrane that allows transfer in and out of the cell.
    It has about 22,000 parts, and if any are missing, it doesn't work.
    For life to have evolved from the chaos of a primordial soup, into the
    glorious creation that exists, is not mathematically possible
    considering all of the components that would have necessarily have had
    to come together in a certain sequence for life to come about.
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  • Leslie
    part 2-It is also physically impossible, because species with certain characteristics, say, like a giraffe, could not have evolved with the
    physical attributes they possess that allow them to function. They
    would have died off, killed, bef...ore
    they could have acquired the attribute they needed to survive (ie. in
    the case of the giraffe, being able to raise and lower their head
    without developing an embolism or passing out from not enough oxygen to
    their brain.) Think about it.
    It takes much more faith to believe evolution could have occurred, than to believe in a Creator
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  • Me First of all Leslie, the Second Law of Thermodynamics only applies to closed systems. Because the Earth is not a closed system, as the suns
    rays enter the atmosphere and give plants the necessary light it needs,
    the second law of thermodynamics does not apply to it. The law only
    applies to closed systems. Please do some research first and don't just
    quote people.

  • Me
    A long time ago giraffes had short necks. The giraffes that had very short necks couldnt reach the leaves off the trees, so the ones with
    shorts necks soon died out because the longer necked giraffes were
    eating all of the leaves. Gradually...
    longer necked giraffes were mating with other longed necked giraffes,
    then thier babies also had long necks. This shows how giraffes adapted
    to the environment they lived in. This proves that the original giraffes
    did die off. You were right, except a new species of giraffe, the
    long-necked, ate all the leaves and therefore survived. What's your
    next theory that I can shoot down? I have plenty of evidence from real
    scientists. Did you know that over 95% of scientists are atheist?
    That's an overwhelming majority. The medicine you use daily was created
    by an atheist. Good luck explaining that to God

  • Leslie P Okay. Then what about the recent college course I took on Anthropology that went into evolution and flat out stated that they are not sure
    when or how humans evolved, they just did. These are professionals who
    have dedicated their lives to studying this and are unable to back up
    their beliefs.

  • Me
    Then your teacher is a true idiot. Anthropologists study humanity. True anthropologists recognize the major differences in the makeup of the
    human behavior and how it has evolved, not in just 6000 years, but in
    millions of years. Anthrop...ologists
    study how humans behavior from the Neanderthal era to now has
    progressed. There is no way your teacher could have made that statement
    unless he/she was religious and didn't want to state the evidence.

    Anthropologists also study the differences in human culture, why humans have different
    skin color, why some can put up with more heat or cold, and especially
    how they evolved. Your teacher could not truly be an anthropologist.
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  • Leslie P
    I don't have to explain anything to God except for my own actions (and even my actions don't need to be explained bc he knows my motives even
    when I may not).
    Jess I say it's time for the "wise woman" to login to fb or take over your fb an...d jump in to this convo as I have a house to run, 2 kids to get into bed and a sale to prepare for.
    Michael I wish you the best in your search and hope that one day you find THE TRUTH, THE WAY AND THE LIGHT (LIFE).
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Comment by Jim DePaulo on September 30, 2010 at 3:38pm
If god designed us he was a shitty designer. Way would he/she/it put a nasty drippy thing like the nose right over the hole where we put our food?
Comment by Louis on September 26, 2010 at 1:24am
I think she needs to understand that complex can have two meanings.
1) Ordered chaos like one would find in highway planning. Sure it all makes sense and looks alright on paper, then you build the damned thing and it just doesn't work out how it should -- or it works perfectly. It looks like it would be hard to do. That's one form of complex.
2) Utter fucking nonsense where everything is jury-rigged and ad-hoc.

The human body is the latter

I don't see how anyone could look at the human body or ANY LIVING THING and think that someone actually wanted it to be that way. We can't even comprehend how much waste there is in the human body.

Just for starters, virtually every cell in every living thing is in a perpetual state of tug of war. Whoever is winning at any given moment will decide what that cell is going to do until it starts losing. This is how virtually every function of any cell is determined. There is no on/off switch. If there was an on/off switch we could stop making shit whose only purpose is to lose that tug of war and eventually be destroyed, the energy required to make sent back into the Universe.

Next you have the derepression model of cell receptors. One part of a receptor inhibits a part that normally works. If something binds to the receptor, the inhibiting part is itself inhibited and the normally working part goes to work. Why? It's wasteful. Why would anyone design something like this? Why spend material and energy making a molecular middleman? Some cell receptors don't follow the derepression model and they work just fine, so why would someone make it for others?

Next you have the ridiculous amounts of DNA damage that occurs in our cells even without external influence. Just the process of cell division makes chromosomal mistakes that have to be fixed and usually are. When you look at how it works it's no wonder why there are so many fuck ups. But why would someone design a repair system to fix something that breaks down so regularly? Why not just have it not break down so much? Why waste energy and material fixing the damaged DNA when we could just make good enough DNA to start with?

Next take a look at muscle cells. The number we have now is the most we will ever have. Muscle cells do not divide, we never get more muscle cells. If you damage your muscle and the cells die, well that's too bad for you. But why would someone make it like this? Muscle cells allow us to move. Moving is the most important thing we do. Why would there not be a failsafe for this?

Next look at the eye. Just for comparison, a camera works like this: Light -> Lens -> film/sensor -> wires -> computing unit. It makes sense doesn't it? Nothing obstructing the light from reaching the receiver. Vertebrate eyes work like this: Light -> Lens -> blood vessels/nerves -> retina with a giant fucking hole in it -> brain. Worse yet, it's not as though all eyes are made in this fucked up way with a whole mess of garbage followed by a perforated film; octopi, cuttlefish, and squid all have the more sensible way of seeing.

Next let's take a look at pregnancy. The most critical time in foetal development occurs within the first few weeks. At that stage, everything is determined by the internal chemistry of the zygote cell. Now the zygote cell isn't super protected at this stage as one would think it should be. Instead it's super vulnerable. Any kind of exposure within this time frame to toxins like, say, alcohol will disturb the critical initial biochemistry of the zygote and result in auto-termination or birth defects. Mind you this is the same time frame wherein most women don't even know they're pregnant. Then you have the fact that at least 1/3 of all fertilizations end in auto-termination. What the fuck kind of design is that? A 33% failure rate? Who would accept that in anything whatsoever?

I could go on. This whole thing is just mindless. One has to really want the grand designer to exist so badly that one would accept that he's probably just shit at designing. Because if there is a designer, he clearly doesn't know what he's doing and he clearly doesn't give a fuck.
Comment by Grace Fitzpatrick on September 25, 2010 at 9:30pm
So not true. I read my textbooks every day but I'm not always studying them and retaining or thinking about it. And this is person could be standing over you in the ER... Yikes!
Comment by Jared Lardo on September 25, 2010 at 8:49pm
I tripleheartedly agree with the previous comment.

That's like wholeheartedly but three times as much.
Comment by Grace Fitzpatrick on September 25, 2010 at 8:13pm
I hope I never have her as my nurse. I want a nurse who firmly believes in science and not one who thinks it's god's will if I live or die. Also, if she is in nursing school, why isn't she thinking about her studies more? I understand she has a house and kids, but I would really prefer the nurse who was dedicated to her studies. Man, these people entering the medical profession these days who only see it as a cash cow...
Comment by Rucareanu Valentin on September 25, 2010 at 2:01pm
See how quickly she said "I don't have to explain anything to you except to God."? I thought I had a real debate, which I enjoy, then realized she was just ripping stuff off wikipedia.

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