10 Answers from an Atheist (Part 2/2) from Check Your Premises

Part 2

6. Meaning

In the atheist worldview we are products of time, chance, and blind forces - there is no objective meaning and value to our human existence. Yet our deepest longing is for our lives to count for something. We intuitively know that humans have rights and dignity.
Does life really have no point other than what you pretend for your own sake? Will you say, like atheist philosopher Albert Camus, that the only serious question is “suicide?” What values and purpose will you instill in your children? Will you be honest with them, or will you borrow ideas from some non-atheistic belief system so as not to disappoint?

Now I think I see the problem with their previous question about morality, because it’s the same as this one. Apparently the people who wrote these questions believes there is an “atheist worldview.” But that’s ridiculous on the face of it. Not believing in God doesn’t make a worldview. My guess is, he’s taken the opinions of some atheists he’s seen on television or talked to in person and now thinks this is “the atheist worldview” that all atheists believe in. “The atheist worldview” says that “we are [solely] products of time, chance, and blind forces” and that “there is no objective” (there’s that word again) “meaning and value to our human existence.”

I don’t believe either of these propositions falsely attributed to “the atheist worldview.” So now we have the same problem as for the previous question: how does this put us anywhere closer to proving the Christian worldview or disproving my own? That I need to “borrow ideas from some non-atheistic belief system” in order to find rights, dignity, values and purpose? But as I already pointed out, these things are innate in every human being (and the author of the questions seems to agree, which makes his reasoning all the more puzzling), and there’s no reason to believe that they come from some “divine author” except circular arguing, and there’s no reason to believe that they are restricted to “non-atheistic belief systems.”

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