14th March 2013: International Day to Defend Apostates and Blasphemers.

Under the Blasphemy Law in more than 30 countries and Apostasy Laws in more than 20, Apostates and Blasphemers rights to express their freedom of opinion, critique and speech is continuously silenced while at the same time threatened with execution or sentencing.

We, the undersigned, highlight 14th March 2013 as an International Day to Defend the victims of Apostasy and Blasphemy. 

The link I've posted below leads to the blogpost of a freethinking Honorary activist and secularist, Maryam Namazie, founder of the Council of ex-Muslims in Britain. She writes a blog highlighting the importance of this day as well as listing a few of the Apostates and blasphemers that are currently in jail or face threats. 

People can help with their cases by jumping into the link and signing the various petitions of the accused demanding their release.

We, as humanists can and will make a difference to their lives if we take the necessary action for it.

Here's the link:
14th March 2013: International Day to Defend Apostates and Blasphemers

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