I am excited to announce that we are hours away from hitting the 1800 mark for respondents to the survey.

I am thrilled that so many people all over the world have responded to our "Coming Out as an Atheist" survey, but I am even more excited to begin sharing some of the data:

The respondents are young (ish) and males are over represented:

How old are you?

> 18 1.0% 17
18-25 32.1% 573
26-35 30.3% 540
36-45 19.5% 348
46-55 11.2% 200
56-65 4.6% 82
< 65 1.4% 25

answered question 1784
skipped question 7

Which gender are you?

Female 32.7% 584
Male 66.8% 1193
Transgender0.5% 9

answered question 1785
skipped question 6

More responses to come, but here's a question: are those who identify themselves as atheists (and, yes, the vast majority in the sample were OK with that label: 70% of respondents) by a two to one ratio mostly males? Are those data merely an artifact of the way the data was collected OR are males much more likely to be atheists? What do you think?

More later,


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