Since i skipped 2010-2011 year end blog entry, for some obvious reasons, some of them being not having anything outstandingly  positive to say, that is only balanced out by not having anything outstandingly negative to say either, here is a link to my 2009-2010 blog and the comments that it had collected since :-)  2009-2010-a-new-year  Now that we have the distant past out of the way, lets look at 2011... soon to be last year. Finally the LGBT community gets some reprieve, DADT and DOMA are finally gone, and individual states are making accepting and accommodating legislative efforts. On the balance however, we have things like SOPA and NDAA neither of leaves much room for optimism.
That being said, 2012 does promise a ton of fun, since, just like in 2011 we had 2 , not one, end of the world predictions, accompanied with the always fun to watch rapture and subsequent boom in atheist animal shelters :-) 2012 does hold the promise of catching planet nibiru zooming by, and maybe a midnight tanning in cosmic rays from the galactic center... or maybe some other set of spectacles that we will all be eagerly awaiting and mocking to no end :-)

So yeah, 2012 looks interesting from the get go. and there seems to be a lot of already interesting events to look forward to. So to all you heathens out there, have a happy a fruitful 2012.
2011 has also marked a great loss to the atheist community, Christopher Hitchens went missing from our lines. Thank you Christopher, you shall be remembered till the sun burns out my friend.

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