Though it may not have the profile or scope here that it has in the U.S., the tension between a Bible-based understanding of the origins of creation and the science of evolution evidently does not stop at the border. That positions are not as clearly (or stridently) articulated in Canada as they are in the U.S. may only reflect our national distaste for confrontation.

--->Where's Darwin? From The UC Observer.

I'm more than a little surprised. But, I'm always surprised. Imagining the exclusion of Evolution from science education in my HS days is impossible for me. I graduated from HS in 1979 in the Northeastern US. I assumed that everyone learned science in the classroom and religion at home. At least that's how I learned evolution (along with some incorrect stuff - like humans being born with gills - I clearly remember this being in the textbook.) and the creation (my parents gave me the "God's days are infinite" and he gave us relatives in the animal kingdom) story.

OTOH, my parents weren't fundies.

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