Why Atheism is the best way to live.

I have no need for religion and what it commands you to believe. Man created this and the myth is perpetuated by man. One must have independent thought and be honest with oneself, even if that leads us to face our deepest fears. For out of those fears we can be humbled and appreciate our existence.

By nature humans have a need to know the whose, whys, where’s and what’s of this fragile and confusing thing called living. We are fortunate to be here. From the billions who never make it we are the ones who fought to be born. We do not need any supernatural powers to thank for this and more importantly to worship.

We can do very well without any god in our lives and I think it is the best way to live.
It is too simplistic to believe that god started everything and that he looks after us. It is more amazing to look at the universe as a magical experience that has many mysteries yet to be solved. It is more valid to strive to be a moral person because of our personal humanity rather than feeling guilt and risk of eternal damnation from a benevolent supreme power.

We can try to appreciate being in the present moment and sharing our life with family and friends knowing that our time is brief and there is no second chance.

It is beautiful to see the interconnectedness of nature, the relationship of flowers, insects, and animals all of which we are a part of. Evolution is an incredible testament of the will and strength to survive against all odds.

At the time of the Big Bang it was by chance that the Earth ended up exactly where it did. Any of the other planets did not have “the stuff” to produce life. We are indeed a lonely planet. It is unfortunate that many still have the need to believe in mythical figures and simplistic stories as it restricts them from truly appreciating the reality of our one, brief look at this incredible universe we are a part of.

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Comment by Ruth Dickson on December 13, 2008 at 9:05pm
After watching Nat. Geo.'s special "Journey to the Edge of the Universe I'm not sure this little speck of space detritus is the only one that contains life. I think we also need to examine our definition of the word "life" itself. Seems to me that limiting it to mean carbon-based, self-reproducing forms is a rather narrow view, especially when you recognize how little our minuscule senses allow us to understand. I can easily believe, for example, that there may be free-floating 'intelligence', unconstrained by physicality, 'out there' somewhere. Or something else that might be defined as 'life' to another form of energy. I think our idea of "life" is just as arrogant as religionists' belief in humankind as the invention of some Big Sky Daddy, because Man is so special. Bah, humbug...it's just hubris at its most egotistic.
Comment by mrmister on September 4, 2008 at 1:36pm
good post



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