I couldn't help myself last week, when a man was coming through the attraction i worked at, at ScreamPark and yelled "Do you think God would approve of this?" I stopped for a sec, looked back over at him, using his phone to get through, pussy. So i just walked up behind him and said "Of course not, thats why i asked the magical fairy. He said go for it, so im with him now!" And just walked off, he got so pissed that he went to find me, screaming "God will not forgive that comment, he will come down on you with all the wraths of heaven!" I just came back up to him and said "Well i hope he does, because when he does im going to get my magical fairies and all his magical friends and stomp that "Gods" butt (not allow to cuss at them)" and walk off and ignore him after that.

Best night at that attraction, hoping to get some more religious people there, preaching stuff like that...Ima be the Devil next ;). Just had to talk about that, off with whatever you were doing, Peace!

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Comment by Luke Hanna on October 21, 2010 at 4:48pm
Pretending to be possessed always makes for good laughs.

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