"We Are Expecting Great And Mighty Things"

I've just started reading "It's My Party Too" by Christine Todd Whitman, in which she laments the overtaking of the Republican party by what she calls 'social fundamentalists." You and I know them as batshit crazy far-Right Christian evangelical fundamentalists. Like Christians like to separate 'real' Christians from 'fake' Christians, Whitman seems to think the GOP has been taken over by 'fake' Republicans and that a real Republican merely holds the economic conservative values of the old pre-Reagan GOP. I ask at what point has the party moved too far into its evolution to take back the deeply embedded changes. I propose to Whitman that the GOP of her day is long gone. What we're seeing now is the Republican party. Sad, but it seems to be true. Moderates didn't work hard enough to stop it, and aren't working hard enough now to reverse it.

From the Daily Dish:
After last night's national debut, here's another speech by Palin in the Assemblies Of God church she grew up in. (Have we ever had a president from the Assemblies of God before?) She comes across as a charismatic, Pentecostalist charmer in favor of the Iraq war as part of God's plan. Track has a Jesus tattoo on his calf, by the way. My favorite quote: "Y'all are a bunch of cool-looking Christians." Her pastor speaks after her of the "last days" when the lower 48 states may have to seek refuge in Alaska. This governor is on a path, by her own testimony, that is being guided by God. When you see this clip, you can see evangelical Christianism coming ever closer to the White House. The more I learn about her, the more you realize that she is indeed the future of the Republican party - evangelical Christianity is now the core philosophy of the GOP... (Click above link for video)

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Comment by IsThatLatin on September 5, 2008 at 2:59pm
I've been dismayed over the Democrats' focus on faith as of late, but that dismay pales in comparison to the downright terror I have of this Republican ticket. You're right, if atheists give two shits about our civil rights and the horror that could (bye-bye Roe v. Wade, hello National Abstinence Only Programs...eek) unfold underneath Palin as VP, they'd better get their godless asses out there Nov 4th and do what needs to be done.

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