Because I have SERIOUS doubts about Sarah Palin, here are some questions that I would like her to answer without first consulting Google or Wikipedia. (Not necessarily these exactly, but rather questions patterned after these):

  • Who are the current President of Mexico and Prime Minister of Canada, and which political parties do they represent?
  • Who are the heads of government in France, Germany, Great Britain, Japan, & Russian?
  • Name the G-8 countries. What qualifies them as members of that group?
  • Are Switzerland, Iceland, & Austria members of NATO?
  • What is the Muslim nation with the largest population?
  • Which Muslim nations have atomic weapons?
  • What language do they speak in Iran? In Turkey? In Indonesia? In Ukraine? In Bangladesh?
  • What 3 countries hold the largest amounts of the US national debt?
  • What are the chief causes of conflicts in Sudan, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Georgia, & Thailand? Where are 3 areas of the world where there are risks of additional conflicts arising within the next 5 years?
  • Besides the 9/11 attacks and the wars in Iraq & Afghanistan, what are the 3 foreign policy issues faced by the Bush administration that have proved most vital to US interests?
Do you know the answers to these questions? I doubt most readers do. I would be hard pressed to answer them quickly and competently.

But that's renders me unqualified to be the President (or consequently, Vice-President) of the US. If you ask me about my own job, though, I have a ready fund of knowledge to draw upon. I imagine that Palin is well versed in oil revenues, salmon fisheries, and frostbite.

But we need someone who knows more than local issues. Palin obtained her first passport less than 2 years ago. She got it only when she was required to visit Alaska's National Guard troops as that state's governor. Obama, in contrast, has been a world traveler since he was a child.

McCain's rhetoric speaks of needing America to be always prepared for international conflicts. He has touted the appointment of General Patraeus as "the right man for the job" in Iraq, and soon, Afghanistan. However, in his first appointment of a potential McCain administration, he has shown that he would leave the country unprepared should he meet his own demise. As with all Presidents, it is not just the person you elect, but also the team members who accompany that candidate. McCain, like Bush, is not teaming with giants, but instead with frightful incompetents.

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Comment by Larian LeQuella on September 7, 2008 at 3:18pm
How about asking her: Since you advocate teaching creationism, should we also teach that a cow made the earth from a lotus flower (Hindu), or perhaps that Sedna was the creation of people (Inupiat Creation Myth). Or does teaching myths only apply if they are the ones you believe in?
Comment by Oh-Oh-Oreo on September 7, 2008 at 2:55pm
I've been saying that the veep would have a lot to do with how I vote. Not only could Palin probably answer these questions without consulting google, she's an uber fundy who would be one heartbeat away from the oval office.



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