Sunday, 07 September, 2008 16:50

Nilknarf Daily Haiku
Blow, winds of freedom!
blow as much as you want to...
leave my house alone....

Josephine has dissipated... KC lost. Ike looks like it is headed straight towards Houston.

This is not good.

Hitting anywhere in the gulf is going to be bad... hopefully circumstances will reduce it to being a one or two before it makes landfall.

Right now, Cuba is getting battered badly, with more to come, although the eye is tracking a little north... enough north to wipe out the Keys in Florida.

What if those people come back to nothing? No houses, no buildings, no land?

What if the category five storm veers northerly and hits N.O.?

What if I would stop worrying about... I'm in Kansas, after all!

Well, OK, you talked me into it. Y'all can come to Kansas, we're pretty hospitable here... except for the 90% that aren't.

The paper guy keeps leaving me a paper, although I unsubscribed weeks ago, and I even talked to him personally on the phone.

And I really don't want to throw the damned thing away every day....

Callie has mostly been living outside for the last coupla weeks... comes in to eat, and sleep during the daytime... but otherwise, she's outside.

She always stays in the yard, though, and is either under the car, under the shrubs in front or in the shop.

She's very skittish, and cars on the street scare her, as do the tankers coming in low to land at Forbes. Weird cat.

I'm kinda bummed today... don't really know why, though.

Not much else to say, really, so I won't.

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