The physical encompasses all, it is existence itself.

It is the beginning and the end.

To speak of before, after or beyond the physical is nonsensical.

The physical has no opposites or complements, it is singular.

It is the source of all things, ever creating new forms.

The physical is ever-changing, ever in motion.

The physical is awe-inspiring and majestic.

It is compelling in its trueness, awesome in its such-ness.

Within the physical we find the fruition of every search, the success of every inquiry.

Perceiving its greatness I am humbled.

Within the physical dwell all mystery, awe and reverence.

The physical expresses itself through laws.

The laws of physicality suffuse being

To understand the law is to understand your true self.

To understand the law is to minimize error.

By minimizing error we thrive.

The physical is the only reality

Only the physical can be experienced.

Only the physical is knowable and intelligible.

The physical cannot be transcended, it can only be more fully engaged.

The physical can be sensed in many ways, it can be experienced in many flavors

The more we sense, the better we are able to discern law.

The physical is of many forms but only one substance

We are unified in the physical. There are no demarcations.

Each of us is a brother or a sister to a raindrop.

Those that experience the unbroken unity of the physical we call enlightened.

The core of the human condition is error.

The core of alienation is the error called self.

Error keeps us from experiencing the physical in all its majestic beingness.

By correcting error we come to know the physical.

Error can never be completely eradicated, only managed.

To manage error is to follow the way.

All imagined alternatives to the physical are delusions – negations of reality.

To embrace delusion is to embrace error.

There is no distinct boundary between a ripple and a pond.

There is no distinct boundary between self and all things.

A cloud has no center.

Meaning in life is derived from our perceived connections to things

Copyright 2008 Will Davidson
Ver. 1.1

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