Reporters never vomit and cops never cry

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Abort the Noise:
The most serious flaw in anti-abortion zealotry is the illusion that a pro-life Constitutional amendment means no more abortions, or at least hardly any. Illegal abortions in great number existed pre-Roe. Negate Roe via the pro-life amendment and they will continue in great number.

Young women who find themselves in distress due to copulatory error can conveniently be divided into two classes. One has money. The other shops at Family Dollar; she's never owned a bank balance containing a comma.

The luckier troubled lass will discover a plausible reason for an immediate Swiss skiiing vacation. She will return to Lake Forest rosy and unburdened. Her sister under the skin will Google coat hangers or ask around for the barber. This unlucky Judy O'Grady may never return at all.

A sneer is to be expected here, disbelief that things ever occurred -- or were merely great rarities -- before 1973. I refer such illusionaries to a pool of retired guys who happened, before 1973, to be beat cops and cop-shop reporters.

They'll assure you that the girls were found in the allies, and not all that infrequently. They'll advise that it is wrong to believe that police reporters never vomit and cops never cry.

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Comment by Eli on September 16, 2008 at 12:10pm
The same type of phenomenon can be seen with the War on Drugs, laws against prostitution (where girls who are beaten by their "customers" now have little legal recourse as they'll face prosecution as well). It is the utmost of naivete to believe that enacting a law somehow removes the problem.

If you look at abortion rates since Roe vs. Wade the biggest drop in the US came during the Clinton administration with more emphasis on sex education was allowed, students were taught about contraception, etc.. at some point the fundies are going to have to pick which is more evil abortion or contraception. the only way to really put an end to one is to encourage the other, you're just not going to put a stop to sex.



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