Tuesday, 16 September, 2008 21:23

Nilknarf Daily Haiku
never be without
hope that you can be smarter
and control your world.

Another beautiful day here... I didn't get up until 11:11, though.

I slept very well, I should get a gold star or something, heh.

I went for a nice long walk today about 13:00, and I'm not really sure what started giving out first, the legs of the lungs... I was probably walking a little bit faster that I should have been.

And my hips did start hurting in the same place, but not nearly enough to stop me... just enough to think that I need to lose a bunch of weight and keep it off, so that my whole body will work better and not have to carry fifty extra pounds around.

I hate exercising, of course, just like every other fat person in the world....

Lana came over after work and we watched a movie and then went to vietnamese place and ate... we both got food from the chinese menu, though... I wanted shrimp badly, and there wasn't any on the vietnamese side of the menu. Next time I'll ask them if they do substitutions, they probably will.

I did tire myself out on my walk today, and I think that I can probably go to sleep at a reasonable hour tonight... I've got a doc appointment with the SS office tomorrow on the disability that they told me to apply for.

I just read a very good entry by LA. go read it... it's the entry for 15 SEP 2008, in case she makes another entry before you get there.

Incidentally, some reminders on navigating this site, nilknarf.net....

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And now it is time to sleep....

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